Luke Combs and Wife Nicole Go on First Date Night Since Welcoming Baby Tex

by Jonathan Howard

When you have a baby, life gets a little crazy. Look no further than Luke Combs and his wife Nicole with their son, Tex. It’s been a whirlwind it seems for the country music couple. However, even with a newborn, you have to find time for yourself, get out there and have a good time.

Luke and Nicole made their way down to Florida for a trip. Next to the water, going out on a boat, and just doing what married folks do when they’re out on a date. Combs is undoubtedly one of the three biggest stars in the genre right now. He’s always out on tour, recording new music, or getting ready to do those things.

Still, these two found a little peace and quiet among all the chaos that is life.

Check out the post below from Nicole and see for yourself. “First [date] night since [baby Tex],” the caption says.

When you have 13 straight No. 1 singles to start your career, you deserve to cool off a little on the water. Is there anything better than getting out on the water and taking in the views? It sure does look like Luke Combs was catching a vibe out there as they enjoyed their oceanside dinner, watched crabs crawl on the beach, and had a good time all around.

Caroline Bryan, wife of Luke Bryan knows a thing or two about the country music lifestyle when you have children. The Bryans make tours a family affair, but Tex Lawrence is likely going to have to wait a while before he gets on the bus. Caroline gave Nicole some positive reinforcement, replying “Good for y’all!” Moms gotta support moms.

Luke Combs Celebrates Two Years of Marriage

This might be more of an anniversary trip than just a regular date night. For Luke Combs and Nicole, there’s a special occasion to start August. The first of the month is their wedding anniversary and I’m sure that they took the time to celebrate all of the blessings in their lives. One day you’re picking the guitar on your couch and the next you’re selling out arenas. Life comes at you fast.

To celebrate, Luke made sure to put out a special message for his wife.

“Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I got to marry this angel,” he said on social media. “[Nicole] you make everyday of my life better than the one before. I love you so much and I can’t wait for all the good times still to come with you and our little family.”

One thing is for certain, there’s been more than one song inspired by this relationship. With a baby boy now, you have to imagine that Luke Combs is going to have some good material up his sleeve and really soon, too. We’ll be waiting here patiently.