Luke Combs’ Wife Nicole Shares Update on Newborn Son: ‘Tex Is Thriving’

by Blake Ells

Luke Combs and his wife, Nicole, welcomed their first child on Father’s Day. Tex Lawrence Combs has been getting a lot of attention. Country music stars from Miranda Lambert to Dierks Bentley have been welcoming Luke and Nicole’s addition to the world.

Nicole took to her Instagram stories this week to give Tex’s newest fans an update on her son. She shared a photo of him cradled in someone’s arms (Luke’s?) with the family cat, Wix, standing guard.

“I’ve been super MIA lately just trying to figure life out,” she said in the post. “It’s pretty crazy how quick your priorities change once you have a child. The animals have adjusted perfectly, besides the fact that they want all his toys and things to themselves lol.”

Nicole continued, “We can’t thank you enough for all your well wishes and congratulations! It’s been a whirlwind but we are surviving, and bb Tex is thriving.”

She also thanked Wix for her support with a comment under their black cat.

“Wix is the super protective big sis,” she said.

Nicole and Luke broke the news about two weeks ago by sharing their first family photo to each of their Instagram pages.

Luke Combs is Inspired by His Son

Luke Combs has always been a big man. In a recent chat with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, he says he wants to lose weight so that he can be around for Tex.

“I’m wearing a 3X shirt right now,” Combs told Lowe. “I wouldn’t advise it.”

He partially blamed his own eating habits for the extra pounds.

“It was always something that bugged me,” he continued. “Especially when you’re younger, you’re like, ‘Man, I just got a horrible genetic dice roll on this thing.’ You start to realize that even more when you’re older.”

But he likes to eat. We all do.

“Food is the only drug that you are addicted to that you have to have to live,” he said. “I don’t need to have a cigarette to be alive, but I need food to be alive.”

Luke Combs said that he’s fine now. Because he’s young. Life at 32-years-old looks a lot different than life at 45-years-old, he assures. That’s why he wants to start making changes now.

‘Growin’ Up’

Luke Combs has been making a lot of press rounds behind the release of his new record, Growin’ Up. We’ve learned that he sees Morgan Wallen as his closest contemporary. We also found out that the superstar has no intentions of raising ticket prices to his shows. That’s a good thing, because he’s selling out stadiums now. He’ll try to do it again on July 30 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.