Maine Woman Wants Her Ashes Spread at Alan Jackson’s House Via Helicopter

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

A woman is hoping to fulfill a unique last wish by spreading her late mother’s ashes around Alan Jackson’s mansion by helicopter.

Sue Castle, a Gardiner, Maine resident, explained to her local country music station, B98.5, that her Mother, Mary Anne “Marie” Gallant was a Jackson superfan.

During her living years, Marie saw the singer in concert over a dozen times, and she drove around with a vanity plate that donned his name. She also loved the singer so much that she had his face tattooed on her back.

In 2015, Marie saw Alan Jackson live in Portland, where he spotted her ink in the crowd. Jackson was so impressed that invited her to watch the remainder of the show from the stage. And when he sang Remember When, he shared a special dance with Marie for all of the audience to see.

Marie remembered that night as one of the happiest of her life. And from that day on, she knew that she wanted Alan Jackson’s home to be her final resting place.

The Superfan’s Daughter Hopes to Thank Alan Jackson in Person

Marie Gallant passed away in 2021 after battling cancer. She was 80 years old. During her final months, she lived out of various hospital rooms. And to keep her company, she kept a cardboard cutout of Jackson with her.

Following her death, Marie’s ashes were tied up in a legal battle with a crematorium that made national headlines for mishandling remains. The matter has finally been resolved, and now Sue is determined to make her mother’s wishes a reality. On Tuesday, Oct. 11, she hopped a plane to Nashville with the hope of convincing Jackson to agree with the plan.

Sue doesn’t know exactly how she’s going to present the idea to the Grammy winner. Nor, does she know how she’ll go about dropping the ashes. While Marie explicitly asked to be sprinkled from a helicopter, Sue said she may just toss them over a fence. Or maybe she’ll throw them out the window of her car as she drives through the estate grounds.

But no matter what she does, she wants Alan Jackson to give her permission to follow through. And by the end of her whirlwind trip to Music City, she wants to make sure he knows how much that Portland concert meant to Marie Gallant.

As Sue shared with Central Maine, if she meets the singer in person, the one thing she’s certain to say is, “thank you for giving my mom the best day of her life.”