Maren Morris Refuels Brittany Aldean Feud, Social Media Weighs In

by Suzanne Halliburton
Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Social media is applauding country star Maren Morris for poking fun at her feud with Brittany Aldean. The best way to do so is to share a meme that mocks all the insults and wraps it up with a beloved holiday.

Maybe you’ve seen the social media memes that are spoofs of the descriptions on Halloween costumes sold by Spirit. Maren Morris, the Grammy-award-winning country music artist, posted one of those, Thursday. Take a look at this hilarious take.

“I didn’t commission this but I do acknowledge it. Happy Halloween, lunatics,” Maren Morris wrote.

Maren Morris Fans Cheered “Child Size” Reference in Meme

Some of the mocks are subtle, like the reference to “child size costume.” Morris is petite 5-foot-1. One of her fans wrote “I just realized it’s child sized and I’m never gonna stop laughing.” Others agreed “the child size really sells it.”

Another wrote: “Maren Morris, being a child sized adult, I approve of this ‘costume’ love it!”

That wasn’t the only reference to size. Other fans laughed at the “tall guy not included.” Morris’ husband is Ryan Hurd. He stands a foot taller than his wife. “Thank God they didn’t include ‘tall guy’!” a Morris fan wrote.

The meme’s headline identifies Maren Morris as the “lunatic country music person.” Fox News personality Tucker Carlson referred to Morris as a lunatic early last month, back when the feud with Jason Aldean’s wife really escalated. Carlson interviewed Brittany for his show. That was the genesis of “lunatic country music person” as a meme.

Other fans acknowledged that they didn’t know pickleball was now a liberal sports hobby. Go figure. It mainly plays to the middle aged, political preferences not included.

The feud between Maren Morris and Brittany Aldean started in late August. This photo is of Jason and Brittany Aldean from earlier this year. (Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images)

Feud Between Morris and Aldean Started in Late Summer

If you only pay attention to the country music and not the social media part of it, you might have missed this feud that started simmering in late summer. Brittany Aldean is an influencer who likes to post about beauty and cosmetics. She also has a line of clothing with right-wing political slogans. Aldean first posted a before and after makeup video. She captioned it: “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life.”

Singer Cassadee Pope, who competed on The Voice, tweeted about the video. She wrote “you’d think celebs with beauty brands would see the positives in including LGBTQ+ people in their messaging. But instead here we are, hearing someone compare their ‘tomboy phase’ to someone wanting to transition. Real nice.”

That’s when Maren Morris got involved. She replied to Pope’s tweet, writing “It’s so easy to, like, not be a scumbag human? Sell your clip-ins and zip it, Insurrection Barbie.”

Morris’ tweet this week didn’t appear to inflame, although there were some trolls leaving comments. Light-hearted self-deprecation sometimes is the best way to calm the waters. Just laugh on this beautiful Friday before Halloween as you search for the perfect child-sized costume, tall guy not included.