Maren Morris to Release Short Film With ‘Reimagined Tracks’ From ‘Humble Quest’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

On Wednesday (November 2nd), country music hitmaker Maren Morris took to her Instagram account to promote a short film of “reimagined tracks” from her latest studio album Humble Quest. 

Humble Quest: In Rare Form,” Maren Morris shared in the caption. “Short film + seven reimagined tracks off Humble Quest out Friday. This came as an idea to me near the end of my tour when my band and I had worked so hard every show to find new moments to make each performance magical and unique.”

Morris then wrote that she and the best were able to reimagine the songs of Humble Quest in the “very stripped, beautiful form” at sunset on a North Carolina hill. She went on to add, “No lighting, no bells, and whistles, just Mother Nature, music, and friendship. Oh, and some pretty good gin & tonics.”

Maren Morris Said She Wants ‘Humble Quests’ To Make Everyone Feel ‘Hopeful’ 

Weeks after the release of Humble Quests, Morris opened up to Entertainment Weekly about wanting the album to make everyone feel hopeful. 

“I was really intentional to make these songs feel hopeful,” Maren Morris shared. “Because they were pulling me out of a hopeless place and they made me feel hopeful again. I had my son and I had this huge wave of postpartum depression that was unforeseen, as it often is, and I’d also lost my friend and producer Busbee to cancer and then COVID — it was a lot. I was writing songs at the time that were reflective of that trauma.”

Maren Morris also said that while there have been some rough patches, she was able to survive and get through everything. “And music was such a gift to me during the last few years, as I know it was for many of us. These were just the songs, I felt like if they were helping me, maybe if 10 more people heard it, it would help them too. That’s how the whole record came to be.”

Meanwhile, Maren Morris addressed the criticism she received in a more positive approach. “I’ve weirdly felt empowered in times where I’ve gotten the most criticism, like when I did Playboy in 2019,” Morris noted. “There were a lot of people clutching their pearls over literal side boob, not even the whole boob, like just get over it,” she says with a laugh, adding, “Dolly Parton did Playboy in the ’70s, so everyone chill out.”

In regards to becoming a mother and how that greatly impacted her, Maren Morris went on to add, “Becoming a mom really opened my heart up in a way that it wasn’t before.”