Margo Price Announces Upcoming Album ‘Strays’ with New Single

by Clayton Edwards

Margo Price has been busy recently. Last month, she announced a new podcast called Runaway Horses and dropped a new single. The podcast sees Price sitting down with a wide variety of folk and country music artists to swap songs and share deep conversations. The single, “Been to the Mountain” was a psychedelic-tinged rocker with organ and plenty of electric guitar. It was a treat, to be sure. However, Price didn’t mention more new music to come. Today, she made the announcement her fans have been waiting for.

Earlier today, Margo Price announced that her fourth studio album Strays will drop on January 13, 2023. Additionally, she released the song “Change of Heart” as the album’s second single. If that wasn’t enough, she also announced a new headlining tour that will kick off in late November. That tour will feature The Deslondes, Kam Franklin, Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country, Lola Kurk, Tre Burt, and Jessi Colter. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 am.

Margo Price on Strays

On social media, Margo Price revealed that she recorded Strays live with her longtime band, The Pricetags. She co-produced the album with Jonathan Wilson at his Fivestar Studios in California. According to JamBase, she wrote the bulk of the album with her husband Jeremy Ivey in 2020.

In a statement, Margo Price said that she’s creating the music that she wants to hear. “I feel this urgency to keep moving, keep creating. You get stuck in the same patterns of thinking, the same loops of addiction. But there comes a point where you just have to say, ‘I’m going to be here, I’m going to enjoy it, and I’m not going to put so much stock into checking the boxes for everyone else,’” she wrote. “I’m on more than just a search for large crowds and accolades. I’m trying to find out what my soul needs.”

Margo Price’s husband and songwriting partner told JamBase about the writing process for this album. He said most of the songs came from a trip they took together in 2020. “We took a trip…and Margo’s mom and her sister watched the kids and we went to Charleston and got an Airbnb. We just stayed in the house and were gonna work on her next record,” he said. Ivey went on to say, “we had a conversation when we had some mushrooms and 11 songs came from that conversation… It’s something that you can’t force and can’t take for granted.”

“Change of Heart”

In her previous single, Margo Price showed off a new, vintage, psychedelic-tinged sound. That sonic shift is even more evident in “Change of Heart.” The bulk of the song delivers classic rock vibes. The repetitive, bluesy guitar riff works its way into your ear and forces you to nod along. Then, with the chorus, Price adds a bit of classic country flair.

Most importantly, these genre-bending singles give us a look into who Margo Price is as an artist and the journey she’ll take us on when Strays drops in January.