Margo Price Opens Up About the Impact Writing Her Memoir Had on Her Life

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)

Fall is set to be a busy season for Margo Price. Last week, she announced her first headlining tour in more than five years. The ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off Tour kicks off in November and will have Price on the road well into 2023 to promote her next album, Strays, which drops in January. Additionally, Price’s Memoir Maybe We’ll Make It will hit bookstore shelves next week.

In Maybe We’ll Make It, Margo Price recounts the years of struggling and work that she endured while trying to make it. The memoir takes readers from the magic mushroom trip that triggered her move to Nashville to the present day. It’ll be an open and honest look at Price’s life before reaching prominence in the country music world and the personal tragedies she weathered in those years.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Margo Price revealed that writing her memoir and getting it ready to publish led her to make some positive changes in her life.

Whiskey Was ‘Basically a Character’ in Margo Price’s Memoir

Margo Price admits that she had a long and problematic relationship with alcohol. She started drinking at the age of 12 and was still doing so when she wrote the first draft of her book. Some feedback from her editor made her rethink her life choices and put the bottle down.

After reading the first draft, Margo Price’s editor had some tough criticism. “You do know that whiskey is basically a character in this book, don’t you,” he asked. This was what made her want to quit. “I was finally at the end of so much cognitive dissonance with my drinking and how it was making me feel,” Price said. “I had a really bad time when we lost the baby, and then, when my career took off, a lot of that drinking and partying was fun. Then the pandemic hit, and was just not doing well with it.”

Price Is in Therapy Now

Margo Price told The Guardian that she is in therapy in preparation for the release of her memoir. She was incredibly open and honest about her life in Maybe We’ll Make It. As a result, she’s worried that she’ll be judged harshly. “I was having panic attacks thinking about all of this being out there. I know what people do on the internet and I was imagining the names they were gonna call me. They’re gonna say I’m a horrible mother, that I’m a drunk,” she said. Price added that she hopes that people will appreciate her vulnerability.

Margo Price isn’t just worried about what strangers on the internet are going to say. She’s worried that her family will judge her after reading about what happened behind the scenes.

Maybe We’ll Make It hits shelves on October 4th.