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Marty Stuart Reveals Plans for Possible Upcoming TV Series

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/WireImage via Getty Images)

Marty Stuart has been making country music since he was a teenager. By the time he was 14, Stuart was playing with Lest Flatt’s Nashville Grass on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Not long after that, he landed his dream job playing in Johnny Cash’s band. Marty went solo in the late seventies and has since released 19 studio albums and is still going strong. Last week, Stuart released a new single titled “Country Star.”

However, Marty Stuart is more than a country artist. He’s also a student of the genre’s rich history. More importantly, Stuart wants to preserve the history of country music and pass it down to future generations. Currently, Marty is working on opening his Congress of Country Music in his hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi. The museum will house more than 20,000 artifacts from the genre’s history that he has collected over the years.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Marty Stuart said that he hopes to center a new TV show on the artifacts that he’s collected over the years.

Marty Stuart’s Possible New TV Show

Stuart revealed to Billboard that he and his team are currently editing the pilot episode of the series. They hope to start shopping the series to networks in the near future.

“I see it as 30-minute episodes revolving around going out to obtain an artifact, rescuing it, and bringing it back,” Marty Stuart said. He added that every episode would start in his warehouse full of country artifacts in his Mississippi hometown.

“You get the story behind the artifact and it’s a treasure hunt,” Marty Stuart said of the show. Stuart added that he hopes to bring the past into the present. So, if they rescue an instrument played by a historical figure in the genre, he would have a contemporary artist play it on the show. Stuart gave another example. “For instance, the lyrics to ‘I Saw the Light’ or Cold, Cold Heart.’ It makes a lot of sense to have one of [Hank Williams Sr.’s] grandkids to sit there and sing them. It’s showing how artifacts are relevant in the hands of somebody current,” he explained.

Marty Stuart went on to explain the reason he wants to get this show on the air. “We take for granted that everybody knows who Hank Williams is, but there’s a whole new generation that needs to be educated,” he explained. “It’s a way to bring past, present, and future, entertaining and educating at the same time.”

 Stuart’s Return to TV

This won’t be Stuart’s first foray into television. Between 2008 and 2014, he hosted The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV. The show featured Stuart and his band, his wife Connie Smith, and a laundry list of classic country artists. For that show, Stuart took inspiration from classics like The Johnny Cash Show and The Porter Wagoner Show.

You can still catch The Marty Stuart Show on RFD-TV while we wait to see if and when his new series will air.