Mike and the Moonpies Send ‘Hour on the Hour’ to Country Radio

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Dave Creaney)

Mike and the Moonpies released their latest album, One to Grow On in August of last year. The album saw the Texas-based band at the height of their craft. So, when it came time for the Outsider staff to pick the best country albums of 2021, it made the cut. However, we weren’t the only ones to see this album for what it was. Mike Harmeier and the band have been getting plenty of recognition since last summer.

In September, Mike and the Moonpies made their Grand Ole Opry debut. Additionally, you’ll be able to find them at several festivals in the future. Right now, though, Mike and the boys and burning up the road with Vandoliers on their Slip out the Back Tour. As of today, they’re hoping to burn up the charts with their single “Hour on the Hour.”

Mike and the Moonpies Send “Hour on the Hour” to Country Radio

Earlier today, Mike and the Moonpies took to social media to make the big announcement. “We’re sending ‘Hour on the Hour’ to MAINSTREAM COUNTRY RADIO TODAY,” the post read. Then, the band went on to explain how they chose this song to send to the radio. “Since we’ve been touring the new record, y’all have been singing ‘Hour on the Hour’ back at us at the top of your lungs at shows and letting us know how much it means to you,” the post explained.

The song currently has over a million streams on Spotify and is already a favorite among the band’s fans. They’re hoping to boost the single’s signal by sending it to the radio. “We love the song as much as you do so we want to try to spread it as far and wide as it will go so everyone can belt out the lyrics in the car.”

This, the band said, is where the fans can help. “We need y’all to reach out to your local country radio stations and ask them to play this song. Call, text, tweet, DM your local station and DJs, and let them know you want to hear ‘Hour on the Hour’. Hell, do it every hour on the hour. Every little bit counts.”

It’s a Good Time for “Hour on the Hour”

Mike and the Moonpies added, “Let’s see how far we can send a song with a steady backbeat and a cryin’ steel guitar,” before thanking their fans for spreading the word.

Right now might be the best time for the band to send the song to the radio. More than any time in the past decade or so, we’re hearing more traditional-sounding country music on the radio. Fiddle and pedal steel are coming back. Artists like Carly Pearce and Cody Johnson are among the award-winning young artists who are bringing that traditional sound back to the radio.

If listeners are looking for something that sounds like classic country music with plenty of pedal steel and some clever songwriting, Mike and the Moonpies will give them all they could ask for.