Mike Ryan Reveals the Adorable Way He Learned of His Grand Ole Opry Debut

by Alex Falls
Rick Diamond / Stringer / Getty

Country music singer-songwriter Mike Ryan is gearing up for a major new chapter in his successful career. He’s weeks away from releasing his first new album in five years, and he’s about to hit the road on what will surely be a memorable tour.

One stop of his upcoming tour will include a show at the historic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, the world-famous home of country music. Musicians come from all over the world to grace the famed stage of the Grand Ole Opry, and Ryan is thrilled for his chance to make his own mark on the hallowed venue.

Ryan caught up with Country Now and recounted the adorable way he learned the news.

“On my first music business trip to Nashville, I stopped by the Opry just to see it. Back then I just imagined how cool it would be to play that stage,” Ryan said. “So, it gives me a lot of pride now to be invited to play at such a history-rich venue. My two young sons surprised me with the news, and that made it that much sweeter. They will be there with me when I play in November.”

The young musician grew up immersed in the arts and surrounded by musical expression. Growing up in San Antonio, Texas, his parents regularly took him to musicals and symphonies. Plus, his grandfather worked as the director of the Texas National Guard Band for more than 30 years. Music is in his blood, and the Grand Ole Opry speaks directly to that heritage.

Mike Ryan Hypes His New Album as Possibly His Best

Before he takes the stage at the Opry on November 8, Ryan will release his fourth studio album, Longcut, on October 28. The 13-song collection is five years in the making and includes his most recent single, “Die Runnin'”.

“Die Runnin’ has an urgency about it that’s really cool with this fun rock ‘n’ roll driving rhythm to it,” Ryan said. “There’s definitely some sonic growth on this new album coming, including this new single. We brought in a few new players and different elements that I thought were really crucial in making this album sound as good as it does.”

Ryan spoke to The Country Note ahead of the album’s release and hyped it as possibly his best work yet.

“I’m really proud of this record. I always felt that every project that I put out has been better than the last one. We have been working for years on some of these songs and have lived with them for a while, and that’s one thing that is unique to this record. There’s also definitely been some sonic growth with this album. We brought in a few new players and different elements that I thought were really crucial in making this album sound as good as it does,” said Mike.