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Miley Cyrus Reveals If She’d Play Dolly Parton in a Biopic

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by: Vijat Mohindra/NBC via Getty Images)

With more biopics hitting theaters, acquiring minds would like to know if Miley Cyrus would ever consider playing her godmother, country music legend Dolly Parton

While speaking to E! News on Thursday (December 15th), Miley Cyrus admitted she hasn’t given much thought about playing her famous godmother in a film. “Me and Dolly have never really spoken, honestly, about me playing Dolly,” she explained. “Because I feel like I’m already doing it.” 

Miley Cyrus then referred to Parton’s iconic blonde hair and large chest. “I don’t know what they’re gonna do to me,” she joked. “I’m sucked, I’m tucked, and plucked, just like she taught me.”

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton are teaming up for the second annual Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party special. Cyrus stated that it could not be more different than last year’s event with co-host Pete Davidson. “Because we do something similar, we get to do a really different show than we did last year,” she explained. “And that’s what me and Lorne [Michaels] really want is every year, to do it in a way that’s exactly what you want, but not what you would expect.” 

Miley Cyrus spoke about how she and Parton won’t be worried if things don’t go as planned. The duo has an unspoken “I’ve got your back” bond. “Anything that would ever happen, I know she could pick up,” Cyrus shared. “Anyone watching at home would never notice that something happened, that it wasn’t planned to.”

Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party will air on December 31st from 10:30 to 12: 30 a.m. on NBC and Peacock. 

Dolly Parton Talks Hosting New Year’s Eve Event With Miley Cyrus 

Last month, Dolly Parton opened up to Entertainment Tonight about hosting the New Year’s Eve special with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. 

“We’re going to be doing some skits. I know that anything can happen live with the two of us,” Parton said about Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party. “I’m sure we’ll be wearing some bizarre costumes and we’ll be singing some serious songs, some fun songs [and] we’ll be bringing in the new year in fun fashion, I’m sure.”

Parton also said she’s looking forward to the event and being in Miami, Florida at that time of year. “When she first asked me, when she talked about doing the New Year’s show I thought it might be from New York and I wasn’t gonna do it ‘cause I didn’t want to get that cold, you know,” Parton declared. “She said, ‘No, that’s why I don’t do it in New York. That’s why I’m going to Miami.’ So, we’re gonna do it there, so that should be a lot of fun. I’ve never spent much time in Miami.”