Miranda Lambert Celebrates ‘King George’ Strait’s Birthday: ‘Forever Texas Proud’

by Jonathan Howard

Is there a bond stronger than being a Texan? Miranda Lambert made sure to wish the King of Country George Strait, a happy birthday! From one generation of Texan to another, the influence that Strait has had on Lambert and many other country music artists is amazing.

It’s a day to celebrate for the country music world and there have been messages from many today. Strait is the patriarch of the genre and at 70 years old now, he is still selling out shows and putting on electric concerts. Over the years, Strait and Lambert have graced the same stage.

Check out the post below and see Miranda Lambert’s well wishes to George Strait on his big day.

“Happy Birthday King George! I smile so big to every time I am lucky enough to share a stage with you. Forever Texas proud,” Lambert said in a post.

One thing that these two artists are going to always do, is love Texas. They are proud to be from the Lone Star state and last year, they were part of one of the most Texas shows ever. If you think seeing George Strait and Miranda Lamber on the same stage is rare, try this on.

Willie Nelson, Strait, Lambert, all at one benefit show. And the kicker? Matthew McConaughey was the host.

It’s safe to say that Lambert and Strait have a good relationship. When they get on stage together, it can be magical. They toured with one another and sang some duets back in 2021. How Bout Them Cowgirls, a surprise performance of Run, and more.

George Strait Helped Miranda Lambert Mend Important Relationship

One amazing story that came out of Miranda Lambert and George Strait’s relationship over the years has to do with the younger singer’s father. Lambert didn’t always have the best relationship with her dad. It was all the way back in 2006 when the two first toured together.

Basically, it was Lambert’s first big tour. Her dad was doing her merchandise and riding the tour bus with the group. It just so happened that Lambert got her first tattoo and dad was not very happy. He wouldn’t talk to his daughter for a while. Thankfully, Strait had a witty way to mend things between the two.

As the tour came to an end and the tour group got together for pictures, the King had bought a bunch of fake tattoos. When the 60+ person crew rolled in, including Strait himself, each was sporting a fake tattoo, displaying them proudly. After some laughs, Lambert’s dad came around. All thanks to a little joke about the entire situation.

Happy birthday, George!