Miranda Lambert Celebrates Las Vegas Residency With Heartwarming Throwback Post

by Megan Molseed

Country music superstar Miranda Lambert is counting down to her Las Vegas residency. And, to celebrate the upcoming role Lambert is sharing a video clip that takes her fans through her childhood and the fashion choices that went along with each of her phases. The video also takes fans back to the early days of Lambert’s massively prolific country music career.

Miranda Lambert Shares Heartwarming Throwbacks As She Preps For Las Vegas Residency

In the video clip, Miranda Lambert shares some fun flashback moments taking fans back to her younger days. As well as through some of her favorite moments from early in her country music career. And, it seems this post is in honor of the star’s upcoming Las Vegas residency which is set to begin on September 23.

“One week till we start causing a scene in Las Vegas for my Velvet Rodeo residency!!!,” Miranda Lambert exclaims in the recent Insta post.

From Scrunchies To Cowboy Hats, Miranda Lambert Takes Us Through The Phases

From the days of her childhood when a young Miranda was chilling in a scrunchie and a pair of acid-washed capri pants to a day on the stage wearing a red vest all the way to her days of fame, the video takes us through it all.

“The red vest & cowboy hat is a whole mood. Meme-worthy mood,” comments fellow singer Caylee Hammack on the fun Insta post. Another one of Miranda Lambert’s fans writes that she loves one of the throwback looks…along with some well-wishes for the residency, of course.

“Omg that Shiner Bock hat!!!!,” the follower exclaims.

“So awesome!!!,” the comment continues. “You are so gorgeous!! I wish you all the best in Vegas!!! You are going to rock that place!”

Lambert Kicks Off Her Residency In Just A Few Days

Miranda Lambert’s Las Vegas residency Velvet Rodeo on Friday, September 23 at the Vegas Planet Holywood Resort & Casino. And fans are gearing up for the performances that are sure to be spectacular.

“We will see you in a week in Las Vegas! #giddyup,” one fan shares. Another fan says that they are so excited. In fact, the commenter says they will be watching from the front for “acting up” during the show!

Those hoping to catch Miranda Lambert as she begins her residency still have plenty of time to snag tickets. Even those who are hoping to be there opening night can still grab a few starting at just $79 at Ticketmaster.