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Miranda Lambert and Elle King’s ‘Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home)’ Reaches No. 1

by Suzanne Halliburton
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The Miranda Lambert and Elle King duet, that raucous, grown-women-gone-wild drinking song, continues to dominate country music radio.

And this week “Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” hit a benchmark established by country queen Reba McEntire and her song partner, Linda Davis.

We’ll explain. The Miranda Lambert duet with Elle King hit No. 1 this week on the Mediabase country airplay chart. And it’s the first time since 1993, when Reba and Linda Davis sang “Does He Love You,” that a female duet rocked No. 1.

Chris Owen reported that it’s Lambert’s 10th No. 1 on country radio and King’s second. The two already won an ACM for top video of the year.

Miranda Lambert and Elle King Recorded Duet Pre-Pandemic. But It Continues to Rock 2022

Remember, as Miranda tells us, there’s always time to jump in off the deep end. (The proper response, Elle says,  “Baby I’m drunk and I don’t wanna go home.”

This was a pre-pandemic project that just keeps building. The women recorded the video in Nashville and New York And they released the video in February 2021. King co-wrote the song with Martin Johnson. It just smacks of authenticity. Like, you believe these women probably will spike some wedding punch with something 190 proof.

When the duet was released, King said of Miranda Lambert: “The true story of this song sums up our wild friendship. Miranda is someone I have looked up to as a songwriter, musician, performer, and human being for a long time. So our tumbleweed snowball story of getting to know each other is the ultimate real deal kinda thing. Nobody revs me up, kicks my ass on stage, or treats me more like family than Miranda Lambert.”

On Feb. 28, King and Lambert celebrated back stage at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium when the duet reached platinum status with more than 1 million sales. At the time, the song had been streamed more than 210 million times. Now that’s a lot of listening, so how about re-watching the video one more time:

Did You Know Barbara Mandrell Turned Down Reba Hit Duet?

Now, juxtapose “Drunk” with “Does He Love You” from Reba McEntire and Linda Davis. That song was a decade old when the two released it in 1993. And it’s all about a sad love triangle.

The song was the first single off Reba’s Greatest Hits: Volume Two album. Like King and Lambert, McEntire always gives off a strong, independent woman vibe. But in this ballad, McEntire and Davis sing about Reba’s cheating husband. The twist is Reba knows he’s cheating and the identity of the beautiful other woman. The other woman knows all about Reba. There is no fun drinking silliness.

Song writers initially pitched it to Barbara Mandrell and Liza Minnelli. But in hindsight, it definitely was meant for Reba. She asked that Davis, who at the time was one of her backup singers, join her in a duet.

So for your Monday listening pleasure, let’s go back almost 30 years and listen to a country music classic. Enjoy!