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Miranda Lambert Opens Up About What Makes Marfa, Texas Special

by Megan Molseed
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(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIME)

Country music star Miranda Lambert is one of the most successful artists in the industry. During her prolific career, the Little Red Wagon has found massive success with her unique style of classic country mixed with a bit of classic rock.

One of Lambert’s most successful projects in recent years is the 2021 release of her album The Marfa Tapes. An album that fans of the singer know is inspired by a town in Lambert’s home state of Texas. And, during a recent interview, Lambert got candid about the unique release which was recorded in just one take. During this discussion, Lambert reveals what it is, exactly, that makes Marfa, Texas so incredibly special.

Something About Marfa, Texas And It’s Peaceful Nature “Just Gave” Miranda Lambert Song Inspirations

When recounting what it is about Marfa, Texas that inspired the 2021 Marfa Tapes release, Miranda Lambert notes that there was something about the area that “just gave us songs.”

“I started going out there with fellow Texans Jon Randall and Jack Ingram in 2015,” the country music hitmaker begins. “Something there just gave us songs.” According to Lambert, there was something about the desolate nature of the Texas town that helped her to open up her mind and get inspired.

“I think it’s because it’s so desolate and peaceful and quiet,” Miranda Lambert says of the small Texas town.

“You have time to really open your mind,” she relates. “We had written about twenty songs there, and I thought it would be cool to put them out in their rawest, realest form.”

The Whole Experience Was A “Little Scary” But One Of Lambert’s “Favorite Projects”

According to Lambert this rawness she applied to the songs included in the Marfa Tapes brought with it some intense feelings. It was an incredibly daring project, the star says, that started out being a little scary. However, the entire experience turned out to be one of Miranda Lambert’s most cherished experiences.

“It was a little scary,” the country music star says of the unique project and the experiences surrounding the development of the album. According to Lambert the “fear” she felt came from having “nowhere to hide during that process.”

According to the singer she focused on taking one take of each song “with no fixes or anything.”

“It’s one of my favorite projects I have ever been part of,” Lambert relates. “There’s nothing better than a fall day in Marfa with guitars and tequila.”