Miranda Lambert Plans Massive Road Trip After Wrapping Her Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town

by Blake Ells

Miranda Lambert is taking some much-deserved time off this summer. In a recent conversation with People, she revealed that Palomino was inspired by a “fictitious road trip across the country that she couldn’t take because she wrote the project during the pandemic.”

That’s why she, her husband, and her friend/backup singer Gwen Sebastian are hopping in an Airstream and wandering around out west for 20 days. They plan to spend time in Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. In July, they’ll do just that when the Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town concludes. Lambert jokes that her friends think it’s a crazy idea, getting off a tour bus and straight into a camper. But 38-year-old’s life has been far from normal, and objects outside of the windshield appear different depending on the vehicle.

“It’s with freedom versus pulling into a parking lot where I wait all day play a show then, then roll into the next town,” she said. “This is like a way to actually see things. I always say I’ve been everywhere and seen nothing, which is kind of part of what I do. Gwen always says, ‘What we do is a hard lifestyle. So while all our knees and elbows work, we’re gonna go do some fun stuff.'”

Fictitious ‘Palomino’ Inspires a Real-Life Adventure for Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert released Palomino–her 8th studio album–a month ago. Her previous release, The Marfa Tapes, was a collaboration with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, and it was barely a year old. Randall and Luke Dick began collaborating with her on the next project with no real direction in mind. She wrote “Scenes” and “Tourist” with Dick and Natalie Hemby, and the trio began to notice a theme.

“So we just went with it, and we just started going through the map, honestly,” she said in the interview. “We made this whole record of road trips, and it was during a time when we weren’t able to go on any road trips because it was 2020. It just sort of came together as this traveling vagabond vibe.”

The theme includes characters that take listeners across 36 places in the United States. After she had created this universe, she decided that she wanted to see it.

Spending time at home during the pandemic with her husband taught her that she didn’t have to be “tortured or sad” to write great songs. She realized that she could be happy and write sad songs.

“At some point, I can actually be happy and be functioning and doing life and get in a writing room and go somewhere else in my mind or heart.”

After more than 20 years seeing the country from a bus, she’ll get to “do life” in person a little, soon. Miranda Lambert has dates scattered throughout the rest of the year. She’ll begin a lengthy Las Vegas residency in September. See the full schedule here.