Miranda Lambert Posts Video Dancing to Her New Single With Husband Brendan McLoughlin: WATCH

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

While preparing for the BMI Country Awards in Nashville on Tuesday (November 8th), Miranda Lambert was caught on camera dancing to her new single Actin’ Up with her husband Brendan McLoughlin. In the video, which Miranda Lambert posted, the duo is seen dancing to the new track while holding drinks. “Actin up tonight at the BMI Awards with Brendan McLoughlin,” Lambert shared. “Thanks to preshow Red 55 Winery in our Wanda June Home glasses. 

Miranda Lambert’s Actin’ Up lyrics read, “I want a sunset ride / A velvet rodeo / A Colorado high / A California glow / I want to see the desert / From a painted palomino / Señorita need to have a little fun / I’m actin’ up.”

Miranda Lambert released Actin’ Up this past spring. It is on her latest album Palomino, which was Lambert’s first solo project since her hit album Wildcard. While speaking to Cleveland.com last spring, Lambert discussed co-producing the album, something she has never done before. “It’s my first time being a co-producer on one of my records. It was a really great experience to work with Luke Dick and Jon Randall. They are both so talented and also my very good friends, so it was a very fun, low-key process for us.”

Also speaking about her collaborations with fellow country music artists, Miranda Lambert shared, “I love collaborating, especially with friends. It just keeps it interesting and pushes me to try different things. What I’ve learned and what I live by is going with your gut. If you believe in something, go for it.”

Miranda Lambert Reflects on Her Debut Album

Along with discussing Palomino, Miranda Lambert spoke about her debut album, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. “Some days it feels like 20 years and some days it feels like 200,” Lambert shared. “And some days 20 minutes.”

She went on to say that she’s worked so hard and has had an amazing music career so far. “But I’m always looking forward and trying to come up with new ideas, so some days it feels like I’m just getting started. I think the thing that changed the most for me in the last 20 years was getting to know myself better outside of work and also learning to balance work and life. I’ve gotten way better at taking time to do life stuff than I used to.”

In regards to what drives music production, Miranda Lambert adds that music starts it all. “It all starts with the music for me. The songs drive me. Songwriting is a huge part of what I do, and I love it. This was the first time in years that I’ve had time to just sit and write for months at a time, so it was a really creative period.”