Miranda Lambert Raises Awareness for Animal Shelter Destroyed by Montana Flooding

by Lauren Boisvert

Miranda Lambert is once again using her love of animals for a good cause. Due to the catastrophic flooding in Montana, many businesses and, most notably Yellowstone National Park, have been destroyed or have had to close. One, in particular, is an animal shelter in Livingston, Montana. Lambert took to her Instagram page to share a video detailing the destructive flooding and what we can all do to help.

“On June 13th, a freak flood destroyed Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston, Montana,” began Lambert’s captions on her video. The video is made up of a series of images detailing the damage. “Thanks to a brave rescue crew all the animals and staff got out safely. But the shelter needs help rebuilding from the ground up. They did not have flood insurance, as this area has never flooded before. Please consider joining me and MuttNation Foundation by donating to help them rebuild.”

Accompanying the video, Miranda Lambert captioned her post, “Stafford Animal Shelter needs our help […] Please join me and @muttnation in supporting their recovery efforts.”

MuttNation Foundation to Spearhead Fundraising for Stafford Animal Shelter

Lambert is partnering with her foundation, MuttNation, to help Stafford Animal Shelter rebuild. She founded MuttNation with her mom in 2009 and has done some great work in 13 years. The foundation highlights animal shelters around the US and specifically shelter dogs that have trouble getting adopted.

MuttNation does adoption and donation drives at Lambert’s shows; rescues “special circumstance” animals, such as dogs in hoarding situations or disaster relief; provides funds and supplies for shelters in all 50 states; and also provides pet transports through fans. The foundation also encourages and educates on spaying and neutering for all pets. It also advocates for adopting from shelters instead of buying from a breeder. Overall, the foundation does a lot of great work.

Miranda Lambert Previously Benefitted Animal Shelters at Each Stop on Bandwagon Tour

When Miranda Lambert was with Little Big Town for the Bandwagon Tour, she was also benefitting local animal shelters along with playing great music. At every stop on the tour, Lambert and MuttNation implemented the “Fill the Little Red Wagon” donation drive. Fans could bring food, blankets, toys, and other shelter supplies to her shows; they were then entered for a chance to win a free ticket upgrade.

The Bandwagon Tour kicked off in May, and each drive benefitted an animal shelter in the city where she was performing. Now, she’s on her headlining tour and still filling the little red wagon along the way.

“After the last two years, I look forward to touring more now than ever,” Miranda Lambert said prior to the tour. “Well, I always say there’s nothing better than having music and mutts together […] I’m excited to be back with my fans again this year as we work together to make a difference in the lives of countless animals in each city.”