Miranda Lambert Reflects on Being Named to Time 100 List of Most Influential People

by Jonathan Howard

Eight billion people in this world, but only one Miranda Lambert. The country music star has a lot of pull and influence out in the world. TIME Magazine has all kinds of lists. However, one of the most prestigious has to be the 100 Most Influential People. On this year’s list, Lambert found herself among that select few.

Look, the reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year is having a moment. Lambert has been the it-girl in the past, however, this time it feels different. With her eighth studio album Palomino making the rounds and racking up the plays online, one has to wonder – what can stop her?

If you think that she’s taking anything for granted, think again. Miranda Lambert knows that she’s blessed to be in the position that she’s in. Reflecting on her album, the TIME100 list, her upcoming Las Vegas residency, and her career in general, the singer talked with the publication about all that she has going on.

“I’m lucky I’m an artist because I get to use whatever stuff I go through,” she explained.

“I don’t really know what got me here besides three chords and the truth, because that’s what I live by,” the Texas native said. “I look out at the crowd and I’m scared to death a little bit!”

The singer-songwriter went on to talk about the TIME100 list specifically.

“It’s a huge deal to me. I was actually shocked, but I’m so thankful to be a part of this and know all the work I’ve done over the last 20 years in this industry has gotten me here and I’m doing some change for good,” she said.

Miranda Lambert is a real one, y’all.

Miranda Lambert Says Country Music is Authenticity

The thing that makes a country music singer work – what makes them appeal to fans, is an authenticity that you can’t fake. When artists are able to be themselves and express their art the way they want to, then fans are likely to come swarming. Miranda Lambert is the definition of authentic. She knows it’s important in her business.

“That’s what country music is,” the singer explained while talking about her own music. “And that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’m one of the lucky ones [who has] gotten to do this for almost two decades now in country music, so I’m just going to continue to share my message and hope it helps others.”

No matter how long she keeps doing this, Miranda Lambert stays true. Her new album Palomino is out now, she’s got some great singles already from it, and there’s a whole lot more on the horizon for this country music superstar.