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Miranda Lambert Reflects on the Classic Country Music That Impacts Her Songwriting

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

More than 20 years after releasing her self-titled debut album, Miranda Lambert is reflecting on the classic country music that has impacted her songwriting over the years.

“I sing as a male character in ‘If I Were a Cowboy,’” Miranda Lambert told Music Connection. “I got that from Emmylou Harris, who would never change the genders. And John Prine with ‘Angel From Montgomery,’ when he assumed the character of an old woman. I love that it doesn’t have to change. Once I heard Emmy do it, I thought I could change the rules.”

Miranda Lambert then shared her admiration for Harris. “Emmylou’s is a career that I have longed for. I said from day one, ‘I want to be a singer-songwriter, and I want to have a long career and to make a mark on country music.’”

However, Miranda Lambert stated that while she loves modern music, it’s classic music that draws her in. “It’s what I gravitate to when I’m listening in my car: old country, old anything. But I’m in it. I hope that 30 years from now someone feels that way about my music. I want that nostalgia for people who listen to me. I think I pull from that stuff. It stuck out to me, because it mattered to me.”

In regards to how Linda Ronstadt influenced her, Miranda Lambert added, “Watching her documentary, she was so committed. ‘I had to sing this song or I would just die.’ She meant it, with that fire inside her eyes. I want that commitment, that crazy passion for something, even just a tenth of what she had. The skillfulness and the longevity of her career are very inspiring to me.”

Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Her Las Vegas Residency 

Meanwhile, Miranda Lambert spoke about why she loves having a residency in Las Vegas. When asked how she translates the intimacy of her presentation to the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Lambert has some thoughts. 

“I like the fact that every seat is a good seat,” Miranda Lambert explained. “And it is intimate, because it’s a theater. The fact that it’s a stationary show, where we don’t have to move our stuff every night with the trucks and travel to the next city allows us to have so much more production that we’ve ever had before. The cross between a big production and everyone able to see is a successful juxtaposition. And my jacket catches on fire, which is pretty damn cool.

She then shared how she curated the repertoire for the Las Vegas performances. “We spent a lot of time on the song selection. It’s what started the whole thing. We didn’t do any design or production until we honed in on the set list. My musical director, Danny Mitchell, went through my whole catalog. Our biggest question was how do we get from Kerosene to Palomino? I wanted to have some nostalgia, and have some video elements, as well. Those videos really were such a part of the songs, like Kerosene for instance.”

Miranda Lambert is set to resume her Las Vegas residency on Wednesday (November 30th).