Miranda Lambert Reveals Look at Her ‘Secret Hideout’ in Nashville

by Samantha Whidden

Giving fans an inside look at her songwriting process, country music superstar Miranda Lambert reveals her “secret hideout” in Nashville where she writes most of her songs.

While speaking to People, Miranda Lambert shares that her hideout is at the Nashville office of her management company, ShopKeeper Management. She noted that it’s the place where can “come hang and write.” 

“This is just this really cool area that’s for creating and brainstorming and writing songs,” Miranda Lambert shared with the media outlet. She further gave a tour of the space, which includes some memorabilia from important moments in her career as well as a bar. 

Miranda Lambert further explained that she has written a lot of songs alongside her longtime manager, Marion Kraft. “We’ve been together for 17 years, so we can come down here and have a drink and brainstorm and make it not feel like we’re in an office building.”

The country music songstress then described the space as being very zen and cozy. “It just feels like a space for you to create, whatever that is whether it’s an idea or a song, and somewhere to sort of document all the work we’ve done together. There’s a lot of years under our belt, a lot of hard work, so this is kind of a place where we can celebrate that.”

Miranda Lambert is currently preparing to launch her new Las Vegas Residency, Velvet Rodeo, which will take place at the Zappos Theater inside Planet Hollywood on September 23rd. 

Miranda Lambert Reveals The Hardest Song She’s Ever Written 

Meanwhile, during a recent interview with Vulture, Miranda Lambert opened up about her songwriting history. She further admitted which song was the hardest one to write. 

“Anything written by myself is not as fun as drinking with a bunch of friends and writing songs,” Miranda Lambert shared. “Because it’s all you. There is nobody to blame it on. There’s nowhere to run. What song going down was pretty hurt that I can think of recently was They’ve Closed Down the Honky Tonks. I haven’t recorded it. I just put out an acoustic version of it.”

Miranda Lambert further explained that she was writing the song in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. “I cleaned off my tour bus. That was the only other time I’ve ever cleaned off my tour bus besides today. It was very real. So writing that song, I was thinking of all my friends. It was just a reality I never thought I would be living in.”

However, the country singer and songwriter noted that the song wasn’t about heartbreak from a man or her fiery stuff. “It was like, I don’t have a gig anymore. There’s no music. This is crazy.”