Miranda Lambert Reveals the One Song That Should Have Been a Single

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jon Morgan/CBS via Getty Images)

For many artists, having a record deal is a give-and-take relationship. The label gives musicians funding and pushes their music to the masses. However, labels have a long history of taking creative control from artists which comes in many forms. For instance, some labels will tell a musician which songs will be singles and which will remain album cuts. Miranda Lambert has experienced this more than once.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Miranda Lambert opened up about several aspects of her career. During that conversation, Lambert revealed that she had several songs that she thought should have been singles. The one that bothers her the most, she said, is “Dead Flowers” from her 2009 album Revolution.  

Miranda Lambert on “Dead Flowers”

Vulture asked Miranda Lambert which of her album cuts should have been a single. “I always say I’m going to put a record out one day called The Ones That Got Away because there’s some that have broken my heart,” she said. She points to “Dead Flowers” as a perfect example of this. “It was a single and I wrote it myself. I did a video. The label pulled it from radio in the 40s because they were scared that it wasn’t going to make it.”

Even now, 13 years later, the song’s fate still bothers her. “My band, every tour they’re like, ‘Can we do Dead Flowers?’ I guess I have a little bit of a grudge against it, because I’m like, ‘Damn it.’ It makes me mad that it didn’t get a shot, but I’m still proud of it because I love it.”

“Dead Flowers” gave Miranda Lambert plenty to be proud of. The breakup song sees Lambert looking at a failing relationship wilting like flowers in a vase. It’s a spot-on comparison. Everything starts out beautiful and heartwarming. Then, the life slowly drains until you’re left with dry flowers and cloudy water. On top of that, she put together a great video for the song. Check it out below.

Miranda Finds a Balance

Sometimes, Miranda Lambert said, her songs take on a life of their own. “I have one of those careers that some songs just pick themselves to stand out. I like to watch that happen.”

Miranda Lambert points to songs like “Tequila Does” and “Actin’ Up” as examples of that. Both are fan favorites but were never officially released as singles. She credits streaming services for some of this. “Strange” is the current single from Palomino, but “Actin’ Up” is getting more love on streaming services. “The more the merrier to me, I don’t care anymore. I just have had such a weird relationship with radio this whole time anyway…I would like for as many of these songs to be heard, whatever way they can be.”