Miranda Lambert Reveals the Song She Wishes She’d Written

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Miranda Lambert)

If you take a look at the credits on just about any Miranda Lambert album, you’ll see that she writes many of her own songs. Over the years, Miranda has written and recorded several timeless tunes. However, she didn’t write all of them. Like many country singers, Lambert also gets songs pitched to her by other songwriters. Recently, she opened up about the one song she wishes she would have written.

Recently, Miranda Lambert told Vulture which of her songs she wishes she would have written. “A hundred percent ‘House That Built Me.’ That song hit me like a brick – like a train ran over me when I heard that song for the first time,” she said.

There is no denying that “The House That Built Me” is one of Miranda Lambert’s most powerful songs. It’s one of those that just about everyone can relate to. When she plays it live, though, is when you see the true emotional weight the song carries. When Lambert breaks this song out on the road, her fans sing along with tears in their eyes. Sometimes, Miranda cries with them. “I’m so thankful for that song. I sing it every night and watch people cry. I cry once a tour, at least – especially if I’m playing in Dallas because my family’s there,” she revealed.

The song, co-penned by Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin, hits so close to home that Miranda’s parents originally believed that she wrote it. Her father said that it was like the songwriters were “channeling into our lives at that horrible, but great time in our lives.”

Miranda Lambert on “The House That Built Me”

Miranda Lambert said that she loved the song the first time she heard it because it’s her story. “I was like, ‘How do they know? That’s my story.’ They knew because it’s everybody’s story and that’s why the song is what it is,” she said.

Later on, Miranda Lambert learned that the song doesn’t tell everyone’s story. However, those who didn’t live it still feel it on a different level. Miranda showed the song to her late guitarist Scotty Wray and made a comment that it was everyone’s story. “He goes, ‘No. I wish I had that house. I wish that was my story.’ I had never thought about it like that,” she said. “There’s a whole different meaning when you listen to it from someone that didn’t have that. It made me cry when he said that. I think that’s the power of ‘The House That Built Me.’ It brings out so much emotion.”

Blake Shelton Almost Recorded “The House That Built Me”

Miranda Lambert first heard “The House That Built Me” while she was still dating Blake Shelton. The couple was driving around Oklahoma listening to a stack of demos. Shelton was working on picking songs for his next project.

As the song played, Blake turned to Miranda Lambert and saw that she had tears streaming down her face. He knew that he wasn’t the one who should record the song. “If you have a reaction to this song like that, then you need to cut it,” he told her. So, she did.