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Miranda Lambert Shows Off Her Favorite Velvet Rodeo Outfits: VIDEO

by Craig Garrett
Miranda Lambert
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

Miranda Lambert took to her Twitter to share a video showcasing her outfits from her Velvet Rodeo engagements. The footage has the country music superstar going deep in her closet and showing off 11 outfits in total.

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“I’m gonna give you a little tour of my wardrobe,” Lambert begins. She calls the first outfit shown, “Lone Star Elvis.” It’s a blue jumpsuit with gold fringes. Lambert says it’s inspired by one of Elvis Presley’s favorite jumpsuits that he used to perform in Vegas in. Her second outfit is bright red and called “Little Red Wagon,” which she obviously called her legacy outfit due to being named after her 2014 hit.

Her third outfit Lambert dubbed “Queen of Hearts”. It was a black jumpsuit. Of course, a heart was at the center of the shoulders. Of course, after she pointed out that with an abundance of red rhinestones, the outfit had,” all the bling.” The next outfit she called “There’s a New Sheriff in Town”. It was a navy suit with a floral design. “When in Vegas, more rhinestones,” she quipped about the suit.

Lambert’s next suit was very pink and called “Virginia Slim.” It featured her initials on the back. “This is the outfit I changed into the very first time I ever did a wardrobe change in my career,” she recalled. Her sixth outfit was named “Lookin’ for the Lightning.” It was light purple with lightning bolts. Next up was an outfit called “Go Sit on a Cactus”. It was black with purple fringe, and of course, a cactus design or two. “I actually wore this one on Fallon,” she noted of the outfit.

However, the next outfit she dubbed one of her favorites. She called it, “Chasin’ that Neon Rainbow”. It was black with a turquoise fringe. Lambert noted that she wore the outfit at a Billboards Awards appearance. Another outfit called “Katie with a K” made the list. Of course, the title comes from lyrics on her latest album, Palomino. It was a dark brown outfit with a green fringe and highlights.

The tenth outfit Lambert named “Pigeon Toed Daisy” for interesting reasons. The jumpsuit looked innocent enough, blue with an orange fringe. “She got her name because the flowers when I put the outfit on, they sometimes turn in on my knees.” She explained this caused her to be pigeontoed while performing in the outfit.

Finally, Lambert showed off an outfit called “Rhinestone Cowgirl.” It’s a black jumpsuit with a crazy amount of white rhinestones. Apparently, performing in the outfit can be grueling. “It has four hangers to hold it up,” Lamber explained. “It weighs about 25 pounds. So that in a crystal hat and I’m like fully getting a workout while the normal clothes.”

“Anyways, these are my girls,” she concludes.