Miranda Lambert Talks ‘Awesome’ Camping Trips, Buying Airstream During Pandemic

by TK Sanders

As Miranda Lambert enters the third decade of her career, the country music superstar continues to enjoy new levels of success in all she accomplishes. Besides her new music, which won her ACM Entertainer of the Year and CMT Video of the Year honors recently, Lambert currently boasts a Nashville restaurant, a clothing line, and more.

And now, on the heels of her newly-released eighth studio album, Palomino, Lambert sat down with CBS News to give her thoughts on staying true to her own aesthetic in the industry, and how the pandemic actually helped her become a better songwriter.

“Ever since I started out, I was just a little left of center always, like, of whatever was kind of popular at the time,” she said. “I had my own style, and sometimes it didn’t fit in that lane that was the fast track a little bit. And I think it made my road longer at certain times in my career.”

Lambert credits some good ole’ fashioned gypsy-soul wandering in her new airstream during the pandemic for her glut of new, already-popular music.

“I was restless,” Lambert said of early pandemic days when the music industry ground to a halt. “I bought an Airstream and went and did some awesome camping trips with my husband. So I still got to have that gypsy soul of mine fulfilled a little bit, but doing life instead of doing it through work.

“So there was a lot of positive that came from it.”

Miranda Lambert said she writes more than ever because, for the first time ever, she doesn’t feel like she has to write

Referencing songwriting, in particular, Lambert said the lack of pressure to produce new music — the first such feeling she’d experienced since her 2005 offering Kerosene made her a commercial star — actually made her want to write more songs.

“The first couple months I didn’t write anything. I considered the [pandemic] my one chance to breathe. And not feel like I have to be doing something with music all the time. But then of course I wrote three records!” she laughed. “I think not having to write made me want to write even more.”

Lambert joked that once the ideas began flowing, she would write ideas down on anything within reach.

“Bar napkins, lots of bar napkins,” she laughed. “And my phone. But I got to go through and look at what time I wrote that [idea] because it sure doesn’t look like a song title this morning. But I bet it felt brilliant last night on tequila shots!”

Whatever Miranda Lambert found in terms of a new routine, it worked. She’s the undisputed queen of country music at the moment, a crown she attributes to finding peace within herself.

“I’ve grown and I’ve learned a lot about myself,” she said of her multi-decade career in show business. “I think at some point, you just start to settle into who you are. … I think that’s why you feel that, like, peace coming from me, ’cause I feel at peace with myself.”