Missouri Couple Gets Engaged During George Strait Concert

by Taylor Cunningham

Over the weekend, the legendary George Strait helped a Missouri couple pledge their lives to A Love Without End.

On July 30th, the singer took the stage at Arrowhead Stadium. And in the crowd was a sweaty-palmed Nick Sutter, a love-struck fellow who was holding a ring and waiting for just the right moment to drop to one knee and ask his girlfriend, Jacquelyn Bladdick, to be his wife.

That moment came when The King of Country music led into his 1995 chart-topper Check Yes or No. With the words, “it started way back in third grade,” Sutter presented the diamond in front of tens of thousands of fans and asked the most important question of his life.

Don’t worry, she accepted the proposal.

“I checked yes!” Bladdick shared in an interview with Fox4. “It’s just really special that we got to experience that moment to just one of the biggest legends in country music.”

The George Strait Fan Caught His Now-Blushing Bride By Complete Surprise

Sutter had been planning the big event for some time. He invited their mutual friends to come along, but he only told a few that he was asking for her hand. And those people were ready with their cameras when he kneeled before her. The future groom also asked the people sitting behind him if they could record the whole thing once he gave them the signal.

“He just started talking in my ear,” Bladdick continued. “He’s just like, you know I love you right?”

So under the moonlit skies of the open stadium, the group helped to perfectly orchestrate the proposal while keeping it a complete surprise from Bladdick.

 “I’ve been carrying your love with me for more than four years and now,” she said when he finally popped the question. “I just want to dance with you.”

“I’m sure glad that we made it happen there. I think it was really memorable, and with the King of Country!” Sutter said. “Everything worked out. Everything felt right. So, it was really cool.”

The happy couple posted the video, which you can watch above, on social media. And it already has tens of thousands of views.

“It was really special to see all the different angles of it,” Bladdick said of the clip, “but also in those videos of it, you can see everyone behind us hooting and hollering, clapping.”

While Sutter went big for the proposal, the bride and groom want to have a small, intimate wedding. As they told Fox, they only plan on inviting their siblings and parents. But they are sending the one and only George Strait and invite, too.