Mitchell Tenpenny Opens Up About His Upcoming Album ‘This Is the Heavy’

by Blake Ells

Mitchell Tenpenny has new music on the way, and he recently spoke more about it with Music Row Magazine. The album is titled This is the Heavy, and he’s calling it “farm emo.” Ruston Kelly has often described his music similarly as “dirt emo.” Maybe they can combine efforts and create an entire new genre.

“I love having guitars and big drums, but country music’s always been lyrics for me,” he said. “To marry the two has been my goal for a long time. That’s why we named this album This is the Heavy. Production-wise, I wanted it to be a little heavier, but lyrically, I’m always going to stick to what we do and what country music is all about: telling stories.”

The album drops on Friday, September 16, and it includes 20 tracks.

“I don’t think fans can be overloaded with music,” he said. “They’re overloaded every day with just the way cell phones work. I think people want it – and we write it all the time. Bobby Braddock told me one time, ‘You’re going to be buried with your best songs.’ But now, we can release more music, so a lot of these songs will get a chance to be heard when they wouldn’t have been 10 years ago.”

It’s the storytelling that attracts Mitchell Tenpenny to music.

“When I listen to artists, I want to hear about their story,” he said. “I want to hear about their bar; I don’t always want to be vague. I want to tell people exactly what my life is; I want it to feel like a movie.”

In one of the tracks on the album, he tells the story of meeting his fiance, Meghan Patrick. It’s his real life that he’s sharing.

Mitchell Tenpenny on the Road in Support of ‘This is the Heavy’

He’ll bring the new album to the Grand Ole Opry for a pair of performances on September 20. Then he hooks up with Luke Bryan for the ‘Raised Up Right’ tour throughout October. The first of those dates is on September 29 in Estero, Fla. at Hertz Arena. They have several dates in the Sunshine State before moving north to Southaven, Miss. on October 6. They’ll be across the South all month, with dates in Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina and Alabama.

That tour wraps up on October 28 in Jacksonville, Fla. at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena. After that, he has a few of his own dates at some casinos in the Midwest. He’ll formally welcome the album with the ‘This is the Heavy’ tour on January 26 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Those dates run through February 25 where he wraps in Athens, Ga. Check out all of the dates and get ticket information at his website.