Mitchell Tenpenny Tells Absolutely Bizarre UFO Sighting Story

by Clayton Edwards

Mitchell Tenpenny is having a pretty great summer. He opened for Luke Combs in Seattle and has been on the road with Luke Bryan for the Raised Up Right Tour. Now, the Nashville native is set to release his fourth studio album This Is the Heavy on September 16th. Recently, he took to social media to share the tracklist with his fans. However, Tenpenny didn’t just drop the 20 song titles on his socials. Instead, he used a video of a UFO swooping in and “abducting” each title as it moved across the screen. The intergalactic imagery might have some people wondering if it has something to do with the new record’s content.

The same UFO appears on the back cover of This Is the Heavy. However, Mitchell Tenpenny isn’t moving into cosmic country music. Instead, he told Country Now, he just likes the imagery. “I like UFOs, I like aliens, and I like randomness,” Tenpenny told the publication. “I thought it’d be kind of funny for people to wonder why there was a UFO on the back of the album. There’s no significant reason at all, except that I just like UFOs and thought it looked cool.”

Mitchell Tenpenny Had a UFO Sighting in High School

The UFO on the cover of This Is the Heavy doesn’t have any real meaning. However, Mitchell Tenpenny revealed that he had a UFO sighting while he was in high school. He told Country Now, “When we were kids, we would stay at my buddy’s house. We’d get on his roof and he had a lot of property in the backyard.” One night, Tenpenny said, while there were sitting on the roof, they saw something strange.

“We saw this thing just hovering back there about 200 yards away,” he recalled. “We ran downstairs, got his mom, his mom got up and went out there, looked at it with us.” Mitchell Tenpenny went on to say that the object freaked his friend’s mom out. “She called the dad, who was out of town. We all saw it together and it just hovered there and kind of moved around and it just shot off.”

Mitchell Tenpenny went on to say that he would “never forget” that night. “I saw it clear as day. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if there was an alien in it, but it’s definitely something I’ve never seen.”

Tenpenny’s story matches up with countless other UFO stories from across the country. Chances are, other Nashville-area residents saw the same craft that night. They’re just not putting it on their album covers.

This Is the Heavy drops on September 16th. You can pre-add or pre-save it on your streaming service of choice today.