‘Monarch’: See First Look at Shania Twain’s Cameo Scene With Susan Sarandon

by Tia Bailey

The new drama series Monarch just premiered a few weeks ago. A first look at a special cameo from Shania Twain has been released.

Monarch, which premiered on September 11, follows “Dottie and Albie Roman lead a country music dynasty at the center of a multigenerational family drama. Daughter Nicky Roman does all she can to protect the dynasty’s reign in country music while ensuring her own stardom.”

The show stars Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins. The next episode features a cameo from Shania Twain, and fans will be able to see it tomorrow, Tuesday, September 20.

A teaser clip was released. It features Twain saying: “There’s no way I’m doing ‘Dixie Kitten.’ It’s Dottie’s song, and I mean, what do I look like, an impersonator?”

The clip is titled “Shania Twain Does Not Want To Sing Dottie’s Song.” It then shows Twain being reassured that she is an icon who will make the song her own.

Taste of Country reports that the show has been releasing new music to correspond with each episode, so hopefully fans can get a listen to “Dixie Kitten.”

Adkins had talked to Parade about starring alongside Sarandon in the show.

When asked if he was nervous, the country star responded: “Yeah, terrified. Sure. But then I quickly realized after she left – after the first few weeks we’d been working together, she left to go do another project for a while – and somebody asked me, ‘I’m sure you feel a sense of relief now, not crossing swords with her every day.’ I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve found the opposite is true.’”

Shania Twain to Make Cameo on New Show ‘Monarch’

He then added: ” “You go into the scene with her, and you know that it’s going to be good. She’s going to be there. You can depend on her. She’s going to carry the scene. You just have to swim in her wake and hang on. I don’t find that to be intimidating or nerve-wracking at all, I find it to be comforting.”

The duo surely displayed their talent in the series premiere. It received great feedback from viewers. However, there was one huge shock at the end of the first episode. SPOILER ALERT – the next section contains spoilers for the first episode.

Dottie and Albie were made out to be the main characters — the matriarch and patriarch of the first country-music family. It is revealed in the premiere that Dottie has terminal cancer, and is dying. At the end of the premiere, Dottie commits suicide shortly after passing the “crown” to her daughter, Nicky.

“I just want to get it done on my own terms,” Dottie said of her soon death. “Now I want to die the way I live: With a smile on my face, and perfect hair.” 

The move was certainly a huge shock to viewers, and many are eager to see how the rest of the show will play out.