‘Monarch’: Shania Twain Makes Cameo, But Someone Else Performs Her Song

by Suzanne Halliburton

The country music business is always at the center of Monarch. So it makes sense that the genre’s real stars mix with the actors each Tuesday night.

So yes, that was Shania Twain who made a cameo in Tuesday’s “There Can Be Only One Queen.” And in this fictitious Monarch story, Susan Sarandon’s Dottie Cantrell Roman is the queen. It’s not Shania Twain. Plus, in this particular country music fantasy, Shania still is a superstar. But one of her signature girl power anthems — “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” — belongs to Dottie.

Twain filmed the cameo a year ago. But she was hyping her Monarch performance all week on social media. And coincidentally, she’s releasing new music, “Waking Up Dreaming,” Friday.

She teased on Twitter: “I’m on tonight’s episode of Monarch!! This was so fun to be a part of and I’m really glad to see Monarch bringing female country artists to the forefront – where we should be!”

And on Instagram, Twain posted “women of country music have been a diamond in a rhinestone world. I’m really glad to see Monarch bringing female country artists to the forefront.”

Here’s how the writers of Monarch included Twain. Tuesday’s episode was all about Dottie’s funeral. She committed suicide in the premiere. Dottie was dying of cancer and she wanted to leave the world on her terms. She also planned her funeral to the smallest detail. The Monarch producers said they used the funerals of icons like Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette for ideas on how to do a proper sendoff for a country legend.

Dottie left instructions for who she wanted to perform. And, she assigned them songs. Dottie wanted Shania to sing a song called “Dixie Kitten.” For her scene, Twain was wearing a sparkly black mini dress with black boots. And she told Dottie’s son Luke that she wasn’t pleased with the song.

“There’s no way I’m doing Dottie’s song ‘Dixie Kitten.’ Do I look like an impersonator?” Shania told Luke. And Dottie’s son tries to bring Shania back from the ledge.

“Nobody thinks that. You’re an icon. You sold 100 million albums. You’re Shania Twain. You’re going to make it your own. And I got to tell you, you’re looking fantastic.”

Then Shania fumes some more. “I don’t know what I’m even doing here. Your mother was never nice to me. Bitch stole my song back in the day. ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman’ could have been a big hit for me.”

Luke had to do some quick thinking. “She wants you to perform her favorite number. She even told me she’d be honored if she recorded it. As CEO I can grant you the rights, You can make millions.” Shania wasn’t having it. And then she flipped the flirtation back on Luke. “I have millions. All right, I’ll do it. Now, get out of here you adorable, green-eyed stud.”

And yes, Dottie did keep “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” for herself. Nikki, her daughter, remembered the song as a family affair with dad, Albie (Trace Adkins) getting the fun line.

Monarch featured Martina McBride in the premiere. And there are other country stars expected this season including Tanya Tucker and Little Big Town. Plus, Adkins is the real deal. The songs he sings in the episodes also are available on Spotify.