‘Monarch’: Trace Adkins Releases New Song Called ‘Gates of Hell’

by Suzanne Halliburton

As Monarch winds down its season, Trace Adkins gave fans a terrific song in which he basically confesses to killing his son-in-law. Check that, it’s Albie Roman’s kin who was on the fatal end of his shotgun.

Tuesday’s episode was “Confessions.” And that literally was what the Monarch hour was all about. Here’s the synopsis: “Nicky, Gigi and Luke discuss what they should do about Catt; Jamie pushes Albie to finish his album; Nicky blackmails Kayla; Ana is shocked when Catt confesses a secret.”

So it seems appropriate that Adkins would sing “Gates of Hell,” which fans can find on the Monarch soundtrack. Here’s a bit of the back story. Producer Jamie Burke (Damon Dayoub) told Albie his new album needed one more song to tie all the others together. The song could be from the darkest part of his soul, Jamie told Albie. But unless he came up with a terrific, authentic song, there was no use in releasing the other tracks. So Albie, don’t pay attention to son, Luke (Joshua Sasse), who wants to take the album to marketing that very day.

Albie wrote what he knew. And that was about how he killed his no-good son-in-law Clive, who cheated on Albie’s daughter and beat her up. The song was a soulful “Gates of Hell,” which played so well with Adkins’ lush baritone. Tom Douglas, who has created hits for superstars Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Keith Urban and Lady A, co-wrote the song with Adam Anders.

And yes, it’s a confession. There’s no way to spin it any other way. Here’s the first verse: “I’m a guilty man, that’s what I said. Cold hard truth is I shot him dead. His body cold, his blood ran red. I’m a guilty man, that’s what I said. I’m a guilty man. That’s what I said.”

Give it a listen and we’ll fill in the Monarch details.

Albie Hid Several Secrets on Monarch

This whole first season of Monarch built to the big Roman secret. Who did Albie shoot in the premiere? We learned in late October that Albie killed Clive. The son-in-law had smacked Nicky around after trying to blackmail her. Then sister Gigi picked up a country music award and knocked Clive in the head. We all thought he was dead, with his body in the back of Albie’s truck. But nope, Clive was only dazed. He got up like a zombie and tried to kill Albie. So Albie took out his rifle, pumped it twice and clocked Clive in the chest.

There were other Monarch reveals in Tuesday’s episode. Decades ago, Adkins character spent several years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. Turns out, Albie took the fall to help out a friend. It was actually Tripp DeWitt (D.W. Moffett) who behind the wheel. And DeWitt now is the Austin district attorney investigating Clive’s disappearance. Albie reminded Tripp about that secret in the episodes. Will DeWitt go there?

So sing along with Albie. And tune into Monarch to find out what else is going on with country music’s fictitious royal family. The next new episode is on Nov. 29.