‘Monarch’s Trace Adkins Thinks Tom Brady ‘Could Be a Country Music Star’

by Samantha Whidden

Although Tom Brady is not quite ready to retire from the NFL, Monarch star Trace Adkins believes the Buccaneers quarterback could potentially be a country music star. 

During a Fox NFL Sunday promotion for the Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings game, Trace Adkins asked, “What does it mean to be country? Dusty boots and cowboy hats? Nah, that ain’t it. Country is a state of mind. The kind that makes you unapologetically proud of where you’re from. Green Bay and Minnesota fit the bill. Football’s back y’all.”

As he prepared to end the promo, Trace Adkins declared, “Now back to the desk and a country music star in his right. Take it away, TB.”

The country music icon then asked, “Tom Brady start singing country music?” Someone answered, “Terry Bradshaw.” “Oh, sorry Terry,” Adkins added. 

However, Trace Adkins was not done yet with his thoughts about the quarterback going into country music. The Monarch star then shared a picture of Brady with a mullet and cowboy hat. “I think [Tom Brady] could be a country music star,” Adkins wrote. “After all, [Blake Shelton] did okay, so it can’t be that hard.” 

The Monarch crew replied to the tweet by stating, “Maybe that’ll be his next career move.” 

Trace Adkins Opens Up About His Role in the New TV Series Monarch’ 

While speaking to Fox News Digital recently, Trace Adkins discussed what he enjoys about his first starring TV role in Monarch as being able to go deep into country music. He also reflected on covering the Hank Williams and Merle Haggard songs he performed on the show. 

“I never would have gone in studio and covered that,” Trace Adkins explained. “But it’s been a lot of fun being able to record as Albie.”

Trace Adkins also stated that filming has been made “even more special” thanks to the guest appearances by both friends and family in the country music community. This includes Tanya Tucker being involved. “It’s a lot of fun to be on this show and have all the musical guests come in. That’s a real treat for me.” 

Meanwhile, Trace Adkins stated that the camera is “the biggest difference” between performing and acting. “I think every time I walk up to a microphone and sing a song, I’m portraying whatever the mood or the character is in that song. So, I do it all the time.” 

In regards to what viewers can expect with the series, Trace Adkin went on to add that there will be a lot of guest performers. “I’m super pumped that they’re bringing in all of these legends of country music to be part of the show,” he continued. “It just makes it feel a little more real, and it’s fun to see my friends on TV.”