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Morgan Evans Releases 5-Part Docuseries ‘Over for You’

by Craig Garrett
Morgan Evans
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Australian Country Music artist Morgan Evans is shedding light on his topsy-turvy personal journey from 2022. On Tuesday, the country singer announced the release of a five-part docuseries to coincide with his latest release “Over for You.” The series will provide insight into his divorce from Kelsea Ballerini.

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“‘Over for You’ is me singing about my feelings,” Evans explained in a press release. “This song is the most personal thing I’ve ever written and the most personal thing I’ve ever shared.” The docuseries is directed by Peter John, The Music Universe reports. [It] “brings viewers backstage and back home where Evans grew up. After a year of planning and just weeks before shooting, Evans went through a divorce. That’s when Evans sat down to write what he calls ‘the song from my heart,'” according to the press release.

Evans recently debuted the music video for “Over For You,” directed by Peter John and created in collaboration with the documentary.

In October, Evans unleashed his single “Over for You” – a lyrical recollection of heartbreak. Months later in an interview on the Bobby Bones Show, he divulged about penning its candid words. “It felt good to do that,” Evans explained. “Just be honest, and not try to cover things up.”

“Having gone through a situation like that, seeing that it helps other people going through situations like that, yeah, it’s really a big deal,” he added.

Morgan Evans’ new series seems to be a response to a short film from Ballerini

The docuseries arrives after Ballerini released an EP and accompanying short film, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat. In this project, she detailed her side of their divorce.

According to reports by People Magazine, the show Call Her Daddy featured her a couple of days later where she shared more information about what caused the end of their marriage. Apparently, it was when she felt forced to opt between giving up half her house and sleeping on the couch that pushed things over the edge.

“There were separations, there was years of couples therapy. There was like, many a night of sleeping on the couch,” Ballerini detailed. “I don’t think it was the first night, but it was a night where I was like, this is not what I want.” She added, “I slept on the couch the night before the CMAs and I remember I went to rehearsal at the arena and texting him and him being like, ‘I’ll just see you at the carpet.'”

In August of last year, Ballerini initiated the divorce process with Evans which was finalized in November. Since then, the buzz has been circulating that she is romantically involved with Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes.