Morgan Wade Teases Her Sophomore Album ‘My Sound Is Evolving’

by Clayton Edwards

Morgan Wade made a name for herself with her 2021 album Reckless. The record garnered praise from listeners and critics alike. The success of her single, “Wilder Days” drew even more ears to the ten-song project. In January, Wade released the deluxe edition of Reckless with six new songs. Fans couldn’t get enough of her blend of rock and country music. Then, she released an acoustic EP in August. This collection of stripped-down songs showed a different side of the “Last Cigarette” singer. Now, she’s working on a new album.

Last week, Morgan Wade posted a sample of her new material on Instagram. The demo for a song called “Fall In Love With Me” garnered mixed reactions from her fans and followers. To say that she has changed her sound since releasing Reckless would be an understatement. Check out the demo below.

Recently, Morgan Wade spoke to CMT about her upcoming sophomore album and how her sound is changing.

Morgan Wade Teases Her Next Album

“I’m super excited because this new stuff is going to be great,” Morgan Wade told the outlet. Then, she went on to talk about little about the sound of her new material. “My sound is evolving which you should want as an artist,” she said. “If everything sounded the same, that wouldn’t be great.”

Fans who were expecting more of the same from Wade will be disappointed. “I’m not making Reckless part two,” she said. “We’re moving on and we have some stuff coming soon. The next record is definitely in 2023.” Morgan Wade said that her sophomore album will likely hit streaming services and shelves next spring. She just has to find the time to get into the studio.

Morgan Wade gave a little more insight into what her next album will be. “You look at Reckless, and it’s such a blend of things. It’s definitely what the next record is still going to be, every song sounds different. Everything kind of has its own flow…” Wade gives some of the credit for that to her producer and 400 Unit guitarist Sadler Vaden. “That’s the thing about working with Sadler Vaden, we take the songs and get really creative with it. There’s a little bit of something for everybody because then you can’t put it in a box.”

Morgan Wade said that she’s making the music she wants to make without worrying about anyone’s expectations. Vaden told her, “You didn’t have any pressure with the first one, don’t have any pressure with the second – just go.”

She went on to say, “I am really looking at this as a collective project, not just a record. I want a lot of stuff going on with it. I think a lot of artists are doing that now. They are packaging stuff and making it more cinematic.”

We’ll have to wait to see what Morgan Wade does on her new album. One thing is for sure, she’ll be showing fans a side of her they’ve never seen before.