Morgan Wallen Breaks Attendance Record at First-Ever Stadium Concert at Globe Life Field

by Alex Falls
John Shearer / Contributor / Getty

Morgan Wallen is a rising star in the world of country music. His latest album, last year’s Dangerous, was a huge hit with audiences. He’s also nominated for entertainer of the year at this year’s CMT Awards. And just last week he closed out his Dangerous Tour by selling out his first stadium show.

The musician played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on October 8. Not only was it the fastest sellout in the venue’s history, but he also broke the venue’s attendance record with 43,598 fans coming to see him. The set featured numerous tracks from his award-winning album. Wallen was so blown away by the huge crowd that he took several chances to speak directly to the audience and offer his gratitude.

“This is a special night for me and my crew and my band. This is our first time ever headlining a stadium,” Wallen said to the crowd while holding back tears. “Man… Before we get any further, y’all say hello to my band up here. We’ve added some members over the years, but three of my band members moved to Nashville with me and we started out rehearsing in one of our buddies’ mom’s basements and this not quite a basement. So, I appreciate all y’all being here, it means a lot to me, this is a special show for not only me but for everybody.”

Morgan Wallen Pays Tributes

Wallen also played his latest single “You Proof” as well as an emotional rendition of “Don’t Think Jesus.” He then paid tribute to his mother Lesli with a performance of a song he released on Mother’s Day, “Thought You Should Know.”

“I started writing this song a couple of years back. Had it started, wrote the first verse and chorus, didn’t finish it, but ended up finishing it just in time for Mother’s Day this year,” Wallen said. “I’m a pretty big time mamas’ boy, especially when I was growing up. So, I wanted to write my mom a song and this is probably my best effort at a Mother’s Day present so far and I have my work cut out beating this one.”

Wallen’s tributes didn’t end there. His show in Arlington was meant to be supported by HARDY. But the country star is recovering from a tour bus accident. Wallen welcomed the night’s opener, ERNEST, back on stage where they paid tribute to HARDY by performing “Unapologetically Country As Hell.”

“As y’all know HARDY was originally supposed to be here tonight and ERN came to fill in for him. HARDY and his crew got into a bus accident. They’re all okay now. But they weren’t good enough to come here tonight and I can clearly understand that,” Wallen said. “We miss them though. We wanted them to be here and I know y’all did too. He’s another one of my best friends. So, since he’s not here I figured I try my best HARDY impression.”