Morgan Wallen Shares New Song, ‘Tennessee Fan,’ on Heels of Huge Upset Over Alabama

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

To celebrate the Tennessee Volunteers’ triumphant win over Alabama’s Crimson Tide, Morgan Wallen dropped a new song called “Tennessee Fan.” The Country Music star took to social media hours after the Volunteers’ big win on Saturday evening to share footage of his time at the game. However, it was set to a new tune.

The lyrics tell an interesting story. After a football game, a man meets an Alabama fan at a Tennessee bar. They become friends and eventually, the character fell in love with her. The moral of the story is that even though his team didn’t win, he still got the “number one pick.” In addition to other relatable content, Wallen’s song also speaks to the historic rivalry between the Tennessee Volunteers and Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

“They beat us every damn year / It’s been a minute since we pulled out a win / I loaded the truck down with beer / drove down to watch ’em do it again / and they did so we went to the bar right after / met a girl with a hounds tooth brand of her chapter / on her shirt and it turned into talking all night / she came back with me crossed the Vols state line / guess the joke’s on Alabama / ’cause they lost big this time / I’ve got the number one pick blonde hair, red lips brought her over to the other side / a little deep south delta Gamma / done found a Smokey Mountain man / she was raised roll tide ’til the day she died / but ever since that night she’s been a Tennessee fan…”

Morgan Wallen’s passion for the Vols’ win is understandable

Wallen’s passion for the win is warranted. This past weekend, the Tennessee Volunteers defeated Alabama’s Crimson Tide with a final score of 52-49. This was their first win against the team in 16 years.

Wallen recently stated that he has been recording new music in the studio. “I’ve been working on new music. I’ve been in the studio, I’ve been grinding, I’ve been writing a lot,” Wallen told followers via Instagram last summer. “Me and HARDY just wrote one on the road the other day that I’m really pumped about. It’s one of the best ones that we’ve written in a long time, if not ever,” Wallen explained.

Wallen discussed his new music on Country Countdown with Lon Helton, where he said that he has written 12 songs so far. “I’ve already got 12 songs finished, maybe more. I’m just trying to beat what I’ve got,” Wallen told Helton. “I’m confident in whatever I do next already. Overall I feel pretty comfortable. I don’t feel rushed. I’ve got other things, I’ve got the tour, I’ve got my son, so I’m glad that I’ve already spent some time on the next project,” he explained.