Morgan Wallen to Release ‘Thought You Should Know’ on Mother’s Day to Honor His Mom Lesli

by Jonathan Howard

This year Morgan Wallen has big plans for Mother’s Day. What does a country music singer get his mom for the big day? How about a new song? That’s what he is promising to bring this year. There are just a few days left until the day gets here and there will be a lot to celebrate if you are a Wallen fan. Especially if you’re a mom!

Wallen has already put out a lot of music early in his career, and this Sunday he is going to add another song to that discography. Thought You Should Know is a song dedicated to and inspired by his mom, Lesli. A song about telling your mom that everything is going to be okay. Something we all would like to do, I’m sure.

Check out the post below with the announcement.

“Thank you Mama. Dropping this song for you on Mothers Day Weekend, ” the singer said in the caption.

Wallen is one of the hottest country music artists out there, still. He had a bit of a hiccup following controversy in the last few years. However, he seems to have responded by playing bigger shows, playing with bigger acts, and overall advancing his career despite it. The singer might have big plans for Mother’s Day, but he is going to have some big plans for his birthday just days after that as well.

It seems that if you are a Morgan Wallen fan then you have a good reason to look forward to Mother’s Day and May 13. That is his birthday when another unreleased song, You Proof, is going to drop and fans will have another track to put on repeat.

Morgan Wallen Looking Forward to Mother’s Day and Big Week After

The next two weeks in May are big for Wallen. Not only is the singer putting out new music on Mother’s Day and his birthday, a five-day span with two new songs. But, the singer is set to perform at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. This is a big deal after his issues last year. Big enough that the company in charge of the awards released a statement.

“We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect,” MRC Entertainment said in a statement. “After a thorough review and robust discussions internally and with the artist’s team, in which we found a demonstrated and ongoing commitment to meaningful work and outreach, we extended an invitation to participate in this year’s show.”

So, this is a big time for the Whiskey Glasses singer. Putting out new music, playing a big awards show, and getting the support from the promoters… that’s all a huge deal. Morgan Wallen, Mother’s Day. Don’t forget. And, his birthday. New music coming out for all you fans and Wallen’s mom!