Morgan Wallen Relives Heartwarming Moments With His Mom in ‘Thought You Should Know’ Video

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: MARIA ALEJANDRA CARDONA / Contributor

Morgan Wallen may sing about heartbreak in many of his songs, but there’s one woman who’ll never break his heart: his mom. Recently, the country music star released a new video for the song that acts as a love letter to his mom, titled “Thought You Should Know.”

In the tune, the East Tennessee native sings about precious memories with his mother, Lesli Wallen.

The country star shared the music video for his latest single on Nov. 24 in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday and to remind listeners how grateful he is for his fans, his mom, his family, and his faith.

“Hope y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving,” Wallen wrote on his social media, also announcing he released the music video for the sentimental song. “Wanted to remind y’all how grateful I am for you, for my family, my mama and our good Lord. Y’all have really made this a special year for me…”

The music video opens with his mom holding Wallen on his second birthday as his family sings Happy Birthday to him. The clip then cuts to Wallen performing the song in a studio as his mom watches and sang-along from the director’s chair.

Morgan Wallen drops video for sentimental song just in time for Thanksgiving holiday

The clip also features a home video from the Wallen family and videos of Morgan Wallen with his mom with clips of Wallen performing the chart-climbing single.

The music video also includes clips of Wallen and Lesli getting ready for the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, where she proudly joined her son on the red carpet as his date for the event. Directed by Justin Clough, the music video ends with Lesli walking over to him as the song comes to a close, and the mother and son share a sweet hug and a laugh.

The track hit the top of the country charts after he released it on Monday, Nov. 7. It garnered a stunning 64 first-week adds and 82 overall on radio play. The song, which plays out like a tribute from Wallen to his mom, was aptly released on Mother’s Day after he teased it for several months.

“This one’s for you, mama. I know it didn’t always seem like those prayers were getting through. I hope this song is a testament to the fact that they did,” Wallen wrote on social media upon its release. “Still your only damn son, Morgan”

Wallen penned the tune alongside Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon. The song acts as a phone call to his mom and finds the 29-year-old filling his mom in on his whirlwind of a life. Morgan Wallen first shared the song with fans on social media in 2021 when he released a live acoustic performance of the tune on Instagram. The clip has since garnered over 2.7 million views since he posted it.