Morgan Wallen Reveals Big Update on Texas Concert Following Hardy’s Bus Crash

by Shelby Scott
Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images

Over the weekend, “BOOTS” singer HARDY revealed he and several crew members had been involved in a serious bus accident. The accident sent all four occupants of the vehicle to the hospital. Of the four individuals involved in the crash, HARDY’s bus driver sustained the worst injuries and remains hospitalized. With several shows on the horizon, fellow country music singer Morgan Wallen also spoke out about the incident. On Tuesday night, he updated fans about several upcoming shows that will no longer feature HARDY in wake of the crash.

Morgan Wallen took to his Instagram Story on Tuesday night to share an update about his first-ever stadium show. Wallen’s latest career milestone is set to take place at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on Saturday, October 8th. Originally, the star-studded show was to feature not only Morgan Wallen, but also HARDY, Mike Ryan, and Jake Worthington. Following HARDY’s bus accident, however, Wallen shared some pretty sad news.

“I am scheduled to play a show in Arlington, Texas,” Wallen told his fans in his update, “[and] I will still be playing that show, but HARDY unfortunately will not be.”

Taking a moment to detail the events leading to HARDY’s absence, Morgan Wallen continued, “He and a few of his crew members had a bus crash late on Saturday/early Sunday morning. Everyone is okay, but the bus driver is not in the clear yet, so please say some prayers for him. Send some love and support, his name’s Ricky.”

HARDY and ERNEST Speak Address Cancelations Ahead of Morgan Wallen’s Stadium Show

Per his update, another of Morgan Wallen’s close friends and rising country star, ERNEST, will take HARDY’s place. Wallen directly addressed HARDY in his post. He said, “HARDY, man, I think you know how bad I wanted you to be a part of my first stadium show, but way more important than that I’m just glad you’re alive.”

According to Country Now, Morgan Wallen’s update came moments after HARDY announced his upcoming concert cancelations.

In addition to Morgan Wallen, HARDY made sure to update his own fans about several upcoming performances.

Speaking in his own Instagram post, he said, “What’s up guys, HARDY here, just giving an update on myself…I have decided that it is in my best interest to cancel the shows that I have coming up and that is Arlington, Texas, and that is Flanagan’s in Columbus, Ohio. I’m very sorry, but it’s just what I need to do right now.”

ERNEST, set to fill in for HARDY at Wallen’s upcoming show, also spoke out about the bus incident. In his own post, he revealed that he now has some cancelations of his own to manage.

“Due to this week’s events,” ERNEST began, “I’ll be Covering for my brother HARDY this weekend in Arlington, Texas…and will be headlining Flanagan’s in Columbus, Ohio.”

Unfortunately, for ERNEST concert ticketholders, that means his own show in Huntsville has been canceled. Nevertheless, he promised to “make it up to y’all soon.”