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Morgan Wallen Opens Up About How He Got His Start in Music

by Taylor Cunningham
sons, Harry James Jr. and Jerin Timothyray “Tim” James; and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
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Morgan Wallen may be a major country star today, but as a kid, music was just a hobby for him. And he was chasing a very different dream of becoming a professional baseball player.

While talking to Outkick earlier this month, the You Proof singer admitted that music has always been a part of his life, and he got his start when he was just a toddler. However, as natural as the talent came, it took him decades to truly appreciate it.

“Yeah, my mom threw me on stage when I was three years old at church… When I was five I asked for a violin for Christmas, which was probably more fiddle because you know I was at church, being Appalachian Mountains I like to listen to bluegrass and stuff a lot,” he shared.

“So I learned how to play that. But I learned how to classically play violin and not fiddle,” Wallen continued. ” I quit after two or three years because I didn’t think it was cool no more.”

Morgan Wallen Learned to Love Music After Losing His Chance to Play College Baseball

When Morgan Wallen was in school, he got into baseball. And during the interview, he admitted that for over a decade, his heart was with the game.

“All I was doing was playing baseball, so I didn’t think [music] was cool at all at the time,” he continued. “I wouldn’t ever write songs really,” Wallen shared.

“Sometimes I’d write poems and just random stuff, but I didn’t start writing probably until I was 19. And I remember I got hurt in baseball and didn’t get to go to college to play, so I started writing songs, trying to get my feelings out I guess.”

Wallen was a star player on his high school team. As he noted, he was set to move to the collegiate level. However, he tore his UCL during the second semester of his senior year, according to Holler. And his dream career ended before it even began.

Morgan Wallen was hugely talented in more than one way though. So he reverted back to music while trying to move past his devastating loss. He learned how to play the guitar and started penning his own lyrics. But the cathartic process quickly turned into a new dream.

“It was a way to help me get my feelings out and just to keep my mind occupied and to say the things that I wanted to say,” he continued. “By the time I was about 19 is when I really started growing the love for music that could be my music.”