Morgan Wallen Reveals Major Update on When Fans Can Expect New Music

by Hunter Miller
(Photo via Getty Images / Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff)

After releasing an album as ridiculously popular as Dangerous: The Double Album, you have to expect that fans are going to be highly impatient in waiting for more music from Morgan Wallen. Fortunately, at the end of October, the 29-year-old singer joined Country Countdown USA to speak out about what he’s got in the works.

As far as a new project, Wallen says he’s “in the middle… I don’t know exactly [where].” He added, “I definitely have enough songs.”

But it’s not just about having enough songs, it’s about having the songs that convey the message Wallen wants to send. “I still got a couple more things I think I probably want to say, want to write,” he said. “So, hopefully, get that done in the next month or two, and then you know, I don’t know exactly.”

Are We Going to Get More Morgan Wallen Music in 2022?

As for the exact dates he’s eyeballing for a release, Wallen gives a bit of a disappointing update. He said, “It ain’t going to be before spring.”

And as for an entire album, Wallen says he’s making progress on the initial creative phase. However, getting the album completed from top to bottom is going to take a full-on “grind” phase. “I won’t have the whole record done, I just mean get what I need to say done and written in the next month or two and then just grind it out.”

To no one’s surprise, it’s not just the fans that are chomping at the bit for more music. Wallen says his team is pushing him to crank out some new tunes. “They got me on a timeline, but that don’t mean I’m going to follow it, but to be fair you do got to put them out. That does got to happen,” he said.

Aside from new music, the “You Proof” singer also shared how he plans to close out 2022. It’s been a banner year for the country superstar, but he plans on taking some time to dial it back a bit. When asked what he plans to do for the rest of 2022, Wallen said, “Holidays. Hanging out with my little boy. Trying to get out in the deer stand as much as I can. I got about eight or nine days booked off to go duck hunting and then working on this album.”