Morgan Wallen Stops Concert To Assist Fan Having Medical Emergency: WATCH

by Taylor Cunningham

Morgan Wallen paused a recent concert when he noticed that a fan in the crowd was having a seizure.

The County music star was performing in Nampa, Idaho on Friday, Sept. 9 when someone began having an epileptic episode. The singer was in the middle of More Than My Hometown as the person caught his eye. A concertgoer caught the entire incident on camera on posted it on TikTok. You can watch it below.


Buy pit. Wait 4 hours in line. Get front row. SO WORTH IT! also shoutout to Morgan wallen for stopping the show for this girl, he cares so much. #nottravis #morganwallen #morganwallentiktok #morganwallenpittickets #loveyou

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“Hold on, hold on,” the 29-year-old singer said to halt his band. The audience continued to sing the lyrics as a medic struggled to part the crowd. So Wallen let them know that something was amiss.

“I don’t know exactly what’s going on,” he said. “But they’re going to take care of her for a second, and we’re going to make sure she’s good.”

Realizing that all eyes were on the victim, he attempted to give the person some privacy and bring the attention back to himself.

“I guess that just means I’ll have to start the song over again,” Wallen yelled, which caused the crowd to erupt into cheers.

“I love him so much!” one person wrote under the post. “The fact that he loves his fans so much makes me so happy.”

“The fear in his eyes omg,” another fan added. “He’s such an amazing human being,”

Morgan Wallen Pauses Concert After a Fan Collapses in the Crowd

Oddly, the Idaho concert was the second this year that Morgan Wallen had to pause due to a fan in need. In July, he was singing for a crowd in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania when someone fell to the ground. Wallen saw the whole thing unravel from the stage, and he personally asked what he could do to help.

“Y’all alright out there?” he shouted as he instructed his band to stop.


Morgan stopped his show to make aure his fans were ok! @Tawnya rae @morganwallen #fyp #morganwallen #hardy #kameronmarlowe

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The Whiskey Glasses singer then told the crowd that someone was hurt. And he asked the person if they needed water. Someone told him they needed a towel, so Wallen offered his.

As the paramedics tried getting to the stage to get the towel, Wallen asked his fans to “make a little walkway”

“I guess somebody passed out down there,” he shared. “Y’all make a little walkway for the paramedics to get through there, please. I don’t know where they’re going to be coming from. They’re going to come from this side right here, so y’all make a little walkway for them.”

As thousands of people cheered, he kept his focus on the fan in need. And when someone approached the stage, he handed them what looked to be a damp washcloth.

Once it was clear that everything was ok, he returned to singing with his cover of Jason Isbell’s Cover Me Up.