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Muscadine Bloodline Announces New Album ‘Teenage Dixie’ Coming in February

by Brett Stayton
Muscadine Bloodline on stage
Photo by Jason Kemplin/Getty Images

Fresh off their song Porch Swing Angel going gold, Muscadine Bloodline now officially has a new album coming soon. Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton will be releasing their new collection of songs, Teenage Dixie on February 24th.

According to Music Row, the dynamic duo from Alabama brought in some heavy hitters to help co-write the album. That includes Brent Cobb, BJ Barham from the band American Aquarium, and Adam Hood. The 16-track project is a retrospective exploration of memories from their younger years that made them who they are today.

“Teenage Dixie is a collection of stories with an eccentric underlying tone based in the south. Some are autobiographical, some are true in history books, some are fables about real figures, while some are stories told from a grandson of a man who is larger than life,” said the boys from the band. “Regardless of this being inspired by the south, we are all a product of our raising and shaped by our upbringing. This record incorporates some of our favorite elements of a place that, for some, is anything but stereotypical.”

Quite a few songs from Muscadine Bloodline’s new album have already been released as singles. Fans are already playing the heck out of them too. The songs have over 450 million combined streams and have notched spots on 3 different Billboard charts.

The album’s title track, Teenage Dixie, is a musical look back at senior year of high school. One of the most pivotal years of everyone’s life. The story includes dumb decisions, getting your heart broken by a high school sweetheart, and giving up athletic dreams that end too soon. It comes full circle with ultimately reminiscing on the glory days.

It seems to go hand-in-hand with the Muscadine Bloodline’s song Cryin’ In A GMC. That track deals with the feeling of being an adolescent disappointment. Made Her That Way is a reflective look at a breakup. It centers around the stark realization that maybe you yourself are the one to blame for things going bad.

The song Me on You, for which their next tour is named, is one that you just can’t help but stomp your boots along to. It’s a love song but with a classic rock vibe. It includes some epically romantic lines like “Little mama got me fumblin’, stumblin’ by the way that she walks. I need your kiss like a catfish need a stank bait.”

One of the songs off the album looks to be one of the official anthems of summer 2023. Evinrudin’ is an uptempo heater about a summer full of fishing expeditions on a good ole fashioned jon boat with family, friends, a pretty girl, and some good vibes.

Previewing A Few Other New Jams

Muscadine Bloodline has also shared previews of other songs on the album, including Inconvenience Store, Pocketful of 90’s Country, and Azaela Blooms.

Though we’re only 4 days into 2023, Teenage Dixie is already shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year. It’s exactly the type of awesome stuff we’ve come to expect from two of the very best storytellers in all of country music.