Muscadine Bloodline Bags a Nice Pair of Tennessee Turkeys

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Recently, the Muscadine Bloodline boys headed out into the woods to kick off the first week of turkey season.

As Alabama natives, Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton have spent plenty of time crouching in the brush, calling in the toms. All that experience paid off when they bagged two gorgeous birds in Nashville, Tenn. earlier this week.

In celebration, the two posed for a photo as they “doubled down” with their bagged game in front of their pickup.

Muscadine Bloodline Members Detail Turkey Hunting Trip in Wyoming

Muncaster and Stanton’s recent hunt was just one of the few victorious trips that the Muscadine Bloodline boys have taken. In fact, just last year, Stanton introduced Muncaster to the game in the Black Hills of Wyoming. They rented a cabin and followed a tour guide out into the snowy landscape.

“It was 18 degrees the first day we were there, and then it dropped 7 inches of snow,” Stanton said. “I was like, there is no way we’re going to hear anything. But the first morning, we heard 15 or 16 gobblers on the roost. It was incredible.”

Muncaster ended up taking the first shot, filling his first tag. For Stanton, though, the process took a bit longer.

“We ended up tracking one in the snow,” Stanton said. “You want fresh tracks. So, I got on fresh sign, and we kept moving on it. Finally, we looked over a ridge, and spotted one at about 60 yards.”

Despite their efforts, Stanton couldn’t call the bird in. So, they waited patiently with their bellies in the snow for over an hour before the Muscadine Bloodline member could get a clear shot of the turkey. While the trophies were certainly impressive, the trip emphasized the duo’s passion for conservation.

“I think our love of animals gets pushed to the wayside,” Muncaster said. “But we know how important conservation is. It’s a fight we battle to help people understand why it’s important. The more we take care of animals we love, the more we’ll enjoy the outdoors.”

Muncaster and Stanton Are Gearing Up for Tour of the South and Midwest

Of course, their hunting ventures are just one of the very important pastimes for the Muscadine Bloodline pair. When they’re not in the woods, they’re getting ready for their next big tour of the country, the “Country Band Contraband” Tour.

On Instagram, the band released the tour’s poster.

“Pre-sale starts Wednesday and On-sale starts Friday!” the band happily announced.

The talented duo will be starting their tour in their home state on June 3 and continuing through the southern and midwestern states throughout the summer. Their last stop will be in South Carolina on August 5.

Check out their official schedule below.