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Naomi Judd’s Granddaughter Will Not Be Allowed to Leave Prison for The Judds’ Singer’s Funeral: Report

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMT)

On Monday, a funeral service for legendary country music singer Naomi Judd is set to take place, but her granddaughter will not be in attendance. 25-year-old Grace Kelley is currently in prison and the correction facility confirmed they will not release her.

Judd passed away at 76 on Saturday, only one day before the Country Music Hall of Fame inducted The Judds. Her daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, announced that their mother passed away “from mental illness.” Grace is Wynonna’s daughter who has struggled with drug convictions that landed her in prison multiple times.

Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center in Nashville, Tennessee currently holds Grace under custody. The center is a prison specifically for female inmates. Inmates receive special privileges on a case-by-case basis. That includes attending loved ones’ funeral services. Naomi Judd’s granddaughter has a review parole hearing later this year in December, but has a release date set for April 1, 2024.

Police originally arrested her in April 2020 for a probation violation stemming from a 2016 meth case. The courts sentenced her to eight years at the time. Now, her crimes will force her to miss out on her grandmother’s funeral.

While still a teenager, Grace Kelley’s legal troubles began when police arrested her on June 14, 2016. At trial in May 2017, she pleaded guilty to meth manufacturing, delivery, and possession with intent to sale. Grace received charges in two separate Tennessee counties and received a sentence of 11 months and 29 days in jail.

Williamson County and Maury County courts suspended the sentence after 30 days behind bars and continued probation. The Williamson County Detention Center released Grace on probation on June 16, 2017 and had to fulfill a court-ordered drug program. In 2018, Naomi Judd’s granddaughter broke probation and the Tennessee court system sentenced her to eight years in prison.

In November 2019, the courts granted her parole and they released her five years early in November 2019. After breaking her probation once again, she ended up back in prison two years later.

The Judd Sisters Announce the Death of Their Mother at 76

On Saturday, April 30, Naomi Judd passed away at the age of 76 as the news shocked the country music community. Her death came only one day before her iconic country group with her daughter, The Judds, were set to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Naomi’s daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, shared a short statement on Instagram on Saturday that revealed their mother’s passing. The sisters did not share any details past noting “mental illness” as the cause of death. Ever since the news broke, the country music world has mourned the iconic singer’s passing.

“Today we sisters experienced a tragedy. We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness, we are shattered. We are navigating profound grief and know that as we loved her, (the public loved her as well). We’re in unknown territory,” the Judds wrote in a social media statement.