Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall Speaks Out After Hospitalization

by Jonathan Howard

One of country music‘s best groups, The Oak Ridge Boys have had some scares recently. Joe Bonsall was recently hospitalized. However, it appears that things are looking up. Bonsall is going to be on the road to recovery and that means fans can look forward to the day when the entire band gets back together.

After suffering from pulmonary embolisms, Bonsall had a battle on his hands. In more plain language, the singer had blood clotsin his lungs. For anyone that’s a scary situation to face. However at 74-years-old it can quickly become a life or death situation. The Philadelphia native gave fans a recent update.

“I could have easily died last weekend but God is not through with me yet … I am home now after 6 daysin the hospital battling pulmonary emoblisms,” the singer said. “My recover could take awhile … thanks for the prayers and love shown!! I am on the better side now… GOD IS ABLE! Love you ALL,” his post says.

Check out the tweet below and see it for yourself.

When you’ve been on the road for the better part of 50 years making music and sharing it with thousands of fans – that’s all you come to know. So, an artist like Joe Bonsall having to step down from the stage is a big deal. Since he was hospitalized this past weekend, The Oak Ridge Boys have had to do without their tenor. Rudy Gatlin from the Gatlin Brothers is filling in for the mending Bonsall in the meantime.

When he announced his issues, the singer said that he was going to be just fine. However, the revelation today that he could have died – that’s a bit of a change from the original message.

The Oak Ridge Boys Send Best Wishes to Joe Bonsall

While Joe Bonsall recovers, The Oak Ridge Boys are still playing shows. But they’re still thinking about their tnor while he is recovering. Those lungs are precious cargo for the singer, and everyone just wants to see the band back at full strength sooner rather than later.

In response to Bonsall’s message, the band gave their well wishes.

“We are all thankful that Joe is on the mend and doing well … each day gets better from here … God is GREAT!!!”

So, if you are wanting to catch The Oak Ridge Boys soon, you might see a Gatlin brother up there singing the tenor parts. That’s alright, but fans want to see Bonsall back on that stage. He’s got some healing to do still, butright now it sounds like good news for the musician.