Old Dominion Have Their Own ‘Top Gun’ Moment Flying With the Blue Angels: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

There’s no doubt that the new Top Gun is soaring to new heights with all of its recent praise. From “Goose” actor Anthony Edwards to Sammy Hagar, everyone seems to be going through the roof over the sequel to the 1986 original. 

In addition, the country music group Old Dominion is also getting in on some ‘danger zone’ activities. As it turns out, the band had a little fun when they got an experience of a lifetime with the Blue Angels last fall. 

In a recent tweet, the group highlighted the moment with a clip from the experience. With Kenny Loggin’s classic “Danger Zone” playing in the background, the video shows the group in Pensacola, Florida, flying with the world-famous Blue Angels.

In the clip, viewers see the group as they fly high with the professionals. Although we must admit, it might make you a little queasy watching them fly circles in the skies. 

While Top Gun: Maverick continues to soar with global box office success, fans can’t stop buzzing about the two-hour flick. However, no scene from the movie has received as much attention as the moment featuring a shirtless Miles Teller. Teller plays the role of Rooster alongside Tom Cruise. Now, it seems like the internet can’t stop obsessing over him.

A clip of the actor dancing shirtless while on the beach is undoubtedly the most viral scene to come out of the reboot. Although the football montage is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, fans haven’t stopped raving about Teller’s dance moves after he scores a touchdown. However, the moment was nearly never captured. 

Fans can’t stop talking about this one Top Gun scene

In a recent interview, the 35-year-old talked about the split-second clip going viral online. Teller, who plays Rooster in the film, says he didn’t even expect the moment to make the final cut, calling it a “nice surprise” when his boogie moment made it in the flick. 

“That’s really a dance that like me and my buddies have kind of done when everybody’s dancing very seriously. It was just always something we would do to kind of just break the ice a little bit,” Teller said in the interview. “I didn’t even know that the camera was on me at that point.”

Thankfully, the cameras were rolling, leading to the now-iconic moment becoming forever preserved on film.

While he may seem all smiles on camera, Teller’s experience on Top Gun: Maverick hasn’t been without its challenges. Although he’s been grinding to promote the new movie, he’s also working on a press tour for his next film, Spiderhead.

The movie debuts on Netflix on June 17. It stars Teller as well as fan-favorite Chris Hemsworth. During an interview, Teller admitted that the press tour for “Spiderhead” hasn’t left him with much time to celebrate the massive success of Maverick

“I mean, I guess I’m being able to celebrate it when we’re doing all these premieres really, he said. “Because as actors, that’s really the only time you get to kind of experience it with the fans.”