Outsider-Approved New Albums for August 12, 2022

by Clayton Edwards

The first New Music Friday in August brought us some killer new music. Honestly, who isn’t still stuck on Something Borrowed, Something New? Well, it’s time to put that stellar record on pause for a while because this week brought even more heat. We’ve got new albums from across the country and Americana spectrum with a little something for any mood.

New Albums for August 12, 2022

  • Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth – Wade Bowen (Bowen Sounds/Thirty Tigers)
  • The Vandoliers – Vandoliers (Amerikinda Records)
  • Love Is the Only Thing – Peter Mulvey with SistaStrings (Righteous Babe Records)
  • Ride – Walter Trout (Provogue Records)
  • No Regular Dog – Kelsey Waldon (Oh Boy Records)
  • Everywhere I Used to Be – Mariel Buckley
  • Wealth of Sorrow – Cahalen Morrison (Fluff and Gravy Records)
  • Brady Street – Dead Horses (Vos & Wolff)
  • Make a Little Room – Steve Moakler (CN Records)  
  • Acoustic Sessions EP – Morgan Wade (Ladylike Records/Sony Music Entertainment)
  • Desert Outtakes Volume 3: Old Letters – Joe Purdy (Mudtown Crier Records)

This week’s list is a little shorter than usual, but don’t let it fool you. It’s packed with rock-solid new albums. Wade Bowen and the Vandoliers both put out stellar new releases. Honestly, they’re going to be the stars of the show today. We’ll have standalone pieces on both of those linked above. For now, though, there’s plenty more to dig into this week.

No Regular Dog

Kelsey Waldon’s sound fluctuates between folksy Americana and straightforward honky tonk. There’s plenty of fiddle, pedal steel, telecaster twang, and acoustic guitar to go around on this album. Additionally, Waldon sounds like she was born to sing country music. So, No Regular Dog sounds amazing. However, her songwriting is the beating heart of this new album.

She pulls back the curtain on the life of a traveling musician in several tracks. Additionally, she spins a few yarns here and there. However, “Season’s Ending” is the emotional high point of this 11-song collection. In it, she pours out her feelings over the death of John Prine.

Wealth of Sorrow

Cahalen Morrison is criminally underrated. His new album is proof of that. Recorded in an old adobe chapel with just Morrison, a handful of instruments, and a stack of powerful songs Wealth of Sorrow is a powerhouse. If you enjoy old-time roots music and poetic songwriting, this one is for you. However, this isn’t one of those records that make you want to roll your windows down and take a ride. I suggest sitting down with this one, having a drink, and letting it all soak in. Morrison has plenty to say and if you’ve got the right kind of mind, you’re going to want to hear it.

“The Month of May”

Acoustic Sessions

I’m a sucker for stripped-down acoustic performances and Morgan Wade’s songwriting. That’s why her new acoustic EP is on this list of new albums. It’s just too damn good to not talk about. The EP features two tracks from Wade’s 2021 album Reckless and three brand-new tracks. “Wilder Days” and “Last Cigarette” were standout tracks on the album. However, those great songs get overshadowed by Wade’s new work. “Crossing State Lines” and “Flower” are top-notch and “Kelley’s Drive” might just break your heart.

These acoustic arrangements allow Wade’s voice and songwriting prowess to take center stage. If you enjoyed Reckless, you’re going to love this EP.