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Outsider-Approved New Albums for December 2, 2022

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage via Getty Images)

Well, fellow Outsiders, we’ve made it to December. After a week of no new albums, listeners across the country are hungry for fresh tunes. Today didn’t bring us a packed buffet of new records. However, the handful of morsels we did get are absolutely delicious. Cody Johnson leads the small pack of top-notch country and roots releases with his live album, but there’s plenty more to sink your teeth into.

New Albums for December 2, 2022

  • White Trash Revelry – Adeem the Artist (Four Quarters Records)
  • Heart of Night (Split EP) – Nick Shoulders & The Okay Crawdad/The Lostines (Gar Hole Records/Mashed Potato Records)
  • Morning Star – Julia Sanders (Independent)
  • Cody Johnson & The Rockin’ CJB Live – Cody Johnson (CoJo Music/Warner Music Nashville)
  • West Side – Sam Platts & The Plainsmen (Independent)
  • Hard Truths and Tall Tales – Kevin Serey (Independent)
  • Ragged Jangly – Jonivan Jones (Buffalo Music)

I can’t remember the last time we’ve had so few new releases on a Friday. However, I can’t complain at all about this list. The new Cody Johnson album is going to be the standout for many listeners today. However, it’s far from the only good record dropping. New music from Nick Shoulders is always a treat and it’s hard to beat the brand of western swing that Sam Platts & The Plainsmen bring to the table. Then, there’s Julia Sanders’ latest project in which she explores her transition into motherhood. Overall, it’s a good day for new music.

Here are the new albums I’ll be cranking this weekend.

Hard Truths and Tall Tales

If you’re looking for some Appalachian-influenced country music with great songwriting, look no further than Kevin Serey’s new album. You can hear the influence of mountain music all over Hard Truths and Tall Tales. However, Serey’s sound never crosses fully into bluegrass territory.

The record sounds great but it’s the songwriting that makes this one of my favorite new albums this week. Songs like “Dilbone Massacre” and “Prison Band” are excellent examples of Serey’s storytelling prowess.

White Trash Revelry

Adeem the Artist’s sophomore album is, without a doubt, their best work to date. Throughout the new album, Adeem takes on social issues at large, firing shots at both sides of the ever-widening divide that separates so many of us. However, they don’t just examine the modern world on a macro level. Tracks like “Painkillers & Magic” and “Books and Records” get personal.

“Books and Records” is, I think, the perfect example of what makes Adeem such a great songwriter. This song is about a couple who is facing some hard financial times. As a result, they’re forced to sell their books, records, and heirloom instruments. However, this isn’t one of those songs about how a couple doesn’t have money but love gives them all they need. Instead, it’s a frank look at slipping into poverty and looking forward to a day when things are good again.

West Side

I’m a sucker for some good western swing. In their new album, Sam Platts & the Plainsmen deliver just that. They don’t bring out the horns, drums, and other big band flourishes that greats like Bob Wills did, but The Plainsman won’t make your toes tap any less than the Texas Playboys. Twin guitars, upright bass, and fiddle are all they need to make listeners want to dance.

The album’s production combined with the band’s deep-rooted traditional sound and Platts’ baritone vocals makes West Side sound like an album pulled from the pages of history.