Outsider-Approved New Albums for June 24, 2022

by Lauren Boisvert

Today is a good day to be a music fan. Not just country music, though there are a handful of great country albums out today. But in general, there were a lot of great releases today, June 24. There’s a little something for everyone today. Country, blues, indie, funky piano songs, angry feminine alternative, etc., etc. It’s summertime, after all, and nothing says summer better than fun new music. So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

New Albums For June 24, 2022

  • Growin’ UpLuke Combs (River House Artists)
  • Tulip Drive – Jimmie Allen (d/b/a Stoney Creek Records)
  • 52 in the Key of Summer – Kristian Bush (Songs of the Architect)
  • Calling You From My Mountain – Peter Rowan (Rebel Records)
  • This Must Be the Place – Brandon Stansell
  • In My Head – Peyton Porter (Warner Chappell Nashville)
  • Hackensaw Boys – Hackensaw Boys (Suns Work Records)
  • The Spur – Joan Shelley (No Quarter Records)

For something a little different, I recommend Sometimes, Forever by indie-rock darling Soccer Mommy. Also, the self-titled MUNA by additional indie favorite MUNA, plus the wacky instrumentals and noise-making of Regina Spektor with Home, Before and After. There’s Porcupine Tree with Closure/Continuation, Damian Jurado with Reggae Film Star, and Zola Jesus with the synth-pop delight Arkhon. So, a lot to choose from today, but we can only choose three to explore right here. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

‘Growin’ Up’ – Luke Combs

This is the album a lot of you have been waiting for. Luke Combs is one of the biggest names in country music right now, right up there with Morgan Wallen. He’s been teasing us with snippets from this album for months, so now let’s take a dive into it.

Right off the bat, “Doin’ This” is a great entryway into the album. Combs has a surprising voice, low and raspy and powerful in the chorus. “Outrunnin’ Your Memory” is a duet with Miranda Lambert that hits in a classic country way. It’s surprisingly upbeat and paints a picture of being kind of resigned to having these memories of someone hanging around. Lambert is in perfect form, as usual, and their voices meld well together. Overall, this is truly a grown up album for Combs, showcasing how he’s developed as an artist.

‘Calling You From My Mountain’ – Peter Rowan

This album sounds like classic mountain days gone by; expert picking, soulful vocals, and purely Americana themes. Right out of the gate, “New York Town” is toe-tapping excellence. I don’t know a lot about bluegrass for someone who has an instrumental bluegrass paylist pinned on my Spotify profile, but I do know that I like Peter Rowan’s style. It’s lively, creative, but still purely bluegrass.

There are certain lanes music falls into, certain tropes, but that’s not a bad thing all the time; it makes that music familiar, a homey place to come back to. That’s what Peter Rowan’s album feels like; coming home to a little cabin in the mountains, sitting on the porch swigging moonshine, and watching the sunset. Is that a stereotype? Sure, but it’s also what I feel in my heart for this album.

‘In My Head’ – Peytan Porter

For a purely feminine take on contemporary country, try Peytan Porter. She reminds me of early Taylor Swift, but in a more polished, mature way. True, she shares a song title with Swift, but it’s a vastly different song. “Champagne Problems” is an ode to fame, Porter wishing for those so-called champagne problems. Instead of having her regular struggles, like “counting pennies just to pay my bills,” she knows for a fact she could handle the “struggles” that come with being famous. In My Head is just that; an introspective look into Peytan Porter’s inner monologue. She does a great job of turning complicated feelings and themes into smooth, easy songs with impeccable imagery.